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As soon as you see the title you must thinking that I’m going to talk about the band ‘Blue’… Nahhh!. Just liked the words and it suits the blog a bit J. As you guys must be knowing, my life for the past one week had been real hectic. In addition to the experiments (which all of a sudden am doing full fledged) and the usual assignments (which I still procrastinate till the last moment) and the ever happening fun time, I had something new onto my schedule – write a pantomime story, get the guys running for it, do the songs and the dance sequences and the thinking of other silly stuff. Thanks to my friend Harvind, somehow reduced the whole script to a 5 minute performance for the Lexington Tamil Cultural Association – Vasantham function.
For those who don’t know what a pantomime is, I can take time to explain it but don’t wanna make this blog longer as usual. Go check wikipedia or google video for an idea of what a mime is all about. The story was decided in my ever somber AFM lab while doing my sample analysis. Thanks to the conference I had a week ago I got this file in which I can maintain a calendar and keep a note and some papers. I look professional now. Wrote the story and had songs attached to it. When I said the story to Harvind, he liked the idea and we had some good suggestions about the way the mime is gonna work out. Two days later we had the guys for the practice. After the initial story telling and the usual jolly good moods and comments we decided to go for it.
Next day we had our first practice. I wasn’t disappointed in the way the guys acted but was happy neither. Had the confidence that the juniors can do it. The next 4 days had been a real practice. All the guys sacrificed sleep, food and why not one guy even sacrificed frying nuts in front of girls J. We had a great team. Everyone listened to each others suggestion. There were good critics and comments too. Finally we had everything under our control. The day arrived. We had a pre function rehearsal. Fortunately we had this focus light in the auditorium.
Thanks to our beloved all time Ommale – Ramji, he took care of the lights. Our practice went fine. Then came the big event. Though the drama was a real good one, there wasn’t any proper follow up during the function. I really salute PB and Ramji for their efforts in making the drama. I thought of only one thing. Ours is the last program (or is it programme, crap! forgot my spelling) and I wanted to see everyone go out with a smile on their face and they shouldn’t wipe it for an hour atleast.
The show started. Gave the juniors most of the good scenes to act to show their talent coz I was confident that I could make it up at the last scene where I come solo. I decided to do over acting coz it’s a *#@!ing mime show. Lets have some fun guys. Already in a scene I come as a girl. That was embarrassing before I heard the first boisterous laughter. In the last scene I come as a software pro who has so much work that he looks at his watch to finish his ‘nature calls’ thingy. I did that action and that’s when the crowd came alive. A major hit. I was shameless for one reason, to make people happy, to put that smirk on their faces, to make them use the four chin muscels to laugh rather than use the 32 forehead muscles to frown (I guess this is too exaggerated).
The applause was good, followed by the behind the scenes slide which I prepared when the program was running. It had slides covering every part of the program and everyone loved it. Once the function ended, everyone congratulated every other person and to my surprise everyone congratulated for taking that risk. One uncle (he was in his mid 40’s) said that “your depiction of the work load in US really apt”. I was happy that everyone left the audi with smiles in their faces. I still thank the team for making the show a great event. All this reminded me of the shows which I performed back in the colony where we lived. This is not the person people here knew.
Some were taken by surprise. Brian was there. He said to me “Hi I am Brian. You look similar to a friend of mine named Hari”. Things are turning pretty good from my side. We signed confidence for the show, we sealed the fears and the doubts behind us and we delivered success before a crowd filled with 32 teeth.
November 5th diwali – here we come. Got a great team to perform. Got our ‘453 Woodies’ to continue the sequel of the one we did in freshers party. Press Ave’s are also expecting a mime from us. This is gonna be different coz this time we are going to face a multidiverse crowd. We cant even use hindi as the basis coz keralites and most tamilians aren’t aware of the songs. Its gonna be based purely on music (that’s what I guess). Got to start working for it tomorrow. As for today its woodies turn to see hyderabadi nawabs and make a parody out of it.
I wish I can make the solo event I am thinking off……. Sorry guys, need to leave now… My conical flasks are cracking, the solution is broiling hot on my delay and my spatulas clattering. Experiments are making an experiment out of me….. Cough! Cough! That’s the fume… got to reach the fire extinguisher….. got to…… (you can …………..)
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