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Step up, Skip up

Just like usual I was going through page and had this detective question with a photo showing evidence. The picture showed a staircase with footprints completely seen (just like u see when you step on a mud and walk on a carpet). They had two suspects one guy said that he saw the killer running in the stairs but couldn’t recognize his face. The other guy said, “I was asleep”. The webpage asked who the killer was? It took me a couple of seconds to say that the guy who saw the killer was telling a lie. Wanna guess it… it might be hard coz am explaining you guys without the picture. As I had said the stairs showed complete footprints.
Have you guys ever noticed how you climb a stair? You never put your whole foot on a stair. You keep only 70-80% of your foot. Now why the hell am I telling you this… Ahhh! Now I got it. After watching this page I had this question in my mind. How do I climb stairs? I went to the stair near my lab. I just let my legs do my work and my eyes watched them. Little then did I realize that I climb three stairs at a time. Arrrggghhhhh!... I used to climb only two at a time for the past 6 years. I still remembered the day when I started jumping two steps at a time instead of one in my school. I had this friend with whom I used to race by climbing 4 floors and that’s when I had this habit coming. Now I don’t remember why I am climbing 3 steps at a time. While I was worried when I reached the 5th floor of my building I decided to climb down and presto I keep my right leg on the first stair and from then on I skip a step. It’s as if it had become a habit. I tried to focus in such a way that I skip the first step and go directly to step two. But I can’t. I still use the first step and then skip one after another from then on.
Was freaked out and looked into the web for this phenomenon and got this crazy thingy. Gym trainers recommend climbing two steps at a time for better hip strength. Scientists say that it’s the left part of the brain that does this transformation for skipping steps. They say that our eyes focus on the next step, but our brain makes up the previous step as an imaginative lattice/solid (that’s what it said) and sends signals to our leg to stretch further. A Polish psychiatrist presented in a meeting that this is a sign of hyperactivity (what a find, everyone knows it), in which the subject isn’t satisfied with challenges he faces (now that’s bullshit, I can’t go for more challenges) and long time dual climbing makes a person take risks in life (Finally something I can believe, Hey come on I do take risks).
I wasn’t happy with this find coz I din’t get much about climbing 3 steps at a time from the web and so decided to quit on this topic find. And it was time for my pantomime practice in nursing building. Unfortunately the place was near my department and so decided to walk to the place. On the way near the robotics building I had this sequence of stairs having 5 and 6 steps respectively. Since I was thinking about my practice and as I was late I did this fast walk and to my surprise unintentionally I jumped the 5 steps and 6 steps real fast. When I was in the air for the second sequence (the six steps series), a flush of memory about the stair phenomenon came into my mind and I said “Oh Ooh”. Fortunately I did land fine and walked further shaking my head till I reached the next step. What happened next is to the reader’s discretion.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, October 29, 2006


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