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Guilty as Charged (aka The Shot)

This poem is a dedication to all my friends who understood why I am working day and night at my lab. This poem is a special one for me coz I tried something different. From the first paragraph, the poem is a backtrack type (like rewinding incidents). For those who feel uncomfortable with the language, I would recommend them to read it first, try to think what I have mentioned and then look at the meaning of the poem (added at the end). Again I thank all my friends who think am not crazy working too hard and that I am only walking towards my goals. Enjoy the new one.

Hollering at my airs now;
Alpha proud I was then,
Guilty as Charged! – The final verdict.
Hunched in merciful countenance;

Looking back….

Loitered in the potter’s field,
My heart accepted, I murdered;
Decapitated with the blow,
Squashed in flesh and plowed;

Panged with greenness,
Ousted of the corporeal puffer;
Pierced the reservoir of sentiments,
Strawed into his bosom;

Not now, his eyes spoke,
Bulls eyed unlike my kinsmen;
Was I or the terrene swiveling?
Striations of sharks broiling;

Jet-setting as the lightning,
Perceived the allusion;
Gusty I was, at the wind,
Relishing in shock;

Barreled out of the snout;
Clamored at my back,
Saw the philadelphiatic mayhem;
Set upright, I waited…

The pandavas tiring first;
Loaded as Frances Judds glove mystery,
Brahmasthram he kissed me;
Shook hands with the alliance;

Red-lettered among the battalion;
Licensed to kill,
Annealed, but not the vampire;
There I stood…

My name ‘Silver Bullet’!
Benumbed and scrammed,
Forged from the finest material;
‘Grains of metal make a bullet’

Looking now at my guilt….

Of all the things I can become,
I was made to kill…
I was made to become a ‘Bullet’;
I did my duty. Did you?

by H2S

Para 1:
My conscience yells at my arrogance, I was proud when I was born (I was ignorant), Guilty as charged was the final verdict, I waited with a guilty expression in my face.
Para 2:
Looking back…. I was swimming in the dead persons bloody pool, At his last breath I realized I am a murderer, My head was blunted with the blow, squeezed among the flesh and I collided with the bone
Para 3:
The pain of ignorance and arrogance hit me, I came off the physical heart, I went right through the heart filled with emotions (non physical), I made a hole into his chest.
Para 4:
Not now were the words from his eyes, I did not miss the target like the previous 5 bullets, Before I hit I was spinning fast and wasn’t sure whether it was me or the world spinning, the barrel striations burnt my metallic body.
Para 5:
I was traveling real fast, I understood from the hints of what happened a moment ago, The wind was blowing hard at my face and I was streamlining, I was at shock of the sudden acceleration
Para 6:
I came out of the guns barrel, I was hit at my back by the trigger, Before I was shot I saw the other bullets going haywire missing the target, I was loaded in the barrel and was next to go
Para 7:
The 5 bullets were shot one by one before me, I was loaded as the last/sixth bullet (Frances Judd wrote the famous classical novel ‘The six fingered glove mystery’), Before loading I was thought to be the right bullet to kill the opponent by my master, I met all the other bullets before we were loaded in my masters hands
Para 8:
I was standing proud in the box of bullets, I was ready to kill, I was quenched of the heat of manufacturing but my blood thirstiness was still there, There I waited in the manufacturing industry to be packed
Para 9:
I call myself Silver Bullet, Forged and hardened, made from the finest metal, metal extracted from the rocks
Para 10:
Self explanatory….
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, April 07, 2007


buddy this is a good one..
But the one thing i would like to know is it an already existing style to right things in the rewind flow...
It actually is true that it made me read the poem nearly three times.. certainly a good one.. btw what inspired u to right on a bullet.. was it the french fastest train that is reported as being faster than a bullet or something...
I like the pic too...


12:37 PM  

I dint know abt reverse poetry. Just tried it. I need to read some soon. Inspiration on the bullet: I suddenly felt what if objects have a life? Was lost in thought over a period of time.... PS the train dint encourage me into this

9:28 AM  

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