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Freaking laughing for everything

Last two weeks has been really topsy turvy. Every decission I had made for the betterment of something, had gone against my way (yet I never gave up on making it a success). Things changed a hell lot in all fields. Be it research, personal, friends, family, social, mental and physical, everything abruptly paralysed my effectiveness. Laughter is the only thing I can offer these situations. Today I was so (cant even use the word confused) filled with thoughts that, I decided to go for a walk. Usually I visit Big Ben (The lone tree behind Youngs) at such occasions. But today, I was deprived of that luck by the Rain Lords and so had to walk on. I walked for an hour non stop till I realized at a moment that I was standing at the centre of a road. Walked across and smiled all my way back home.
Even google failed on me. I dont know why I am laughing now as I type... I guess I have passed the stage of worrying for simple stuff. Partially I am happy that I have taken the situation lighthearted, but a faint of fear still exists of what would be that incident which would make me walk again all alone at the center of Nicholasville??
I wish google can help me out before I decide to quit. Wish I can quit saying yes.... I wish I can freak out.... I miss the good ol days.... Its 4 30 in the morning and I dont want to sleep.. I am what I am without which the world is something else.....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, May 03, 2007


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