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Kim Wipes for a blonde.....

'Steps to Success' is what I used to call the backside of my department which has a set of 2 dozen steps looming into the parking lot of my department. Pre - fall school days being the most busy season for new students also brings in cute blondies towards the engineering side. Today was one such day where all the freshmen girls have their greek club welcome event and fortunately the gathering was in the memorial hall. I was walking by these really HOT girls and as any normal guy would do was allured to their beauty. With a broken pedal on one hand and the cycle on the other I looked like a complete idiot. As I neared the Steps to Success saw these two good friends (1 brunette and a blonde) hugging each other. As I was about to climb up the stairs I noticed that the brunette was pouring out tears into the shoulders of her consoling friend. Walked right up the stairs, parked my cycle, went to the basement to my lab, took a box of kim wipes, dropped my backpack and pedal, climbed back to the first floor, went out, got down the steps to success and finally pointed the box of kimwipes to the brunette who by this time was still crying without hugging her friend.
'Sob, sob..... Thanks'
'U don't look pretty with a crying face'
'Sob, sob, more sob......'
'That looks really terrible....'
'Sniff, sniff, sob, sniff, OK!!!!!......'
'Whats she crying about?'
'She didn't make it into the alpha beta (some more crap greek letters) sorority'
Laughter..... 'Then make your own alpha beta (my very own greek letters) sorority and invite everyone..... (was thinking bad way to try someone smile)'
Both laugh 'Thanks.....'
'Now thats a pretty face melting a guys heart out.....' (it worked). 'Bye and keep that smile up'
'Bye.... Whats your name? Am Carolle'
Scratching my neck.... 'Hari, U can call me Harry....'
'Hi, this is Jennifer'
'Hi Jenni....'
'Whats your number?'
'***-***-****' 'Gimme a missed call Carolle and I shall save you to my Speeddials'
'Um hummmm!!! Bye and thanks again'
'Anything for a pretty lady' 'Bye' A big smile (don't know if I was blushing) and left..... Damned myself for taking the kim wipes which I use for laboratory usage and damned again for leaving it with them when I walked back to the lab....
(Of course till now she hasn't given me the call)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, August 16, 2007


well, o' well, too good of a stuff !!!! tooooo nice of an act !!!! will be wonderful to follow.....still more wonderful if I happen to try it on a handsome guy..........[:P] [:P]

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