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Novalgin should have killed 5

'Am Never gonna do it again!' - Rarely do I use this phrase in my life. But after yesterdays horrible death defying experience am sure that one more thing has come up into my Am Never gonna do it again list.
My nephew needed some hugging and kissing coz his sickness and constant crying and well he liked me so much that he gave away his fever onto me. With more work during the TGIF I had to sleep only an hr before Saturdays semi final game. Woke up with high fever on Saturday and since I booked the rental car under my name I had to drive it. I could have given the responsibitlty to some junior but they were too sleepy being awake at 4 45 in the morning. To cope up with the issue I had Novalgin for my fever. In half an hour (was driving with four drooling passengers) I realized that my eyesight got dim and blur. I was feeling horribly cold and my feet developed cramps (even before the game). All I can see in front of me was 3 dotted lines and an occasional red tail light every now and then. I realised that the medication had an allergic effect on me.
There were 3 instances of me goin to the shoulder and crashing, but I had to make some serious turns to avoid everything and thank God that the guys were sleeping real hard that they dint notice anything. By the time I reached Waffle house for breakfast my eyesight was still worse. All I can see in front of me was anything for 2 feet and completely blurred too. My right eye became red and my face swollen. Went to the restroom immediately and washed my face and puked some dinner into the drain. Stayed in for a couple of mins and then went for breakfast. Since it was the coffee table setup none of the guys saw the reaction. By the time I finished my breakfast my face turned normal, eyesight still bad but better, and my right leg completely senseless.
Thank God that we had a small chit chat for a couple of mins after breakfast and slowly my eyesight became close to normal. Went to the ground safe, took some time off and then during catch practice all I was concentrating was anything red colored and glove shaped.
Decided not to open adn thank God I dint and went at last. To encourage the team I had to yell really hard and now am having a paining throat. The fielding was the worst experience. After the game I was happy that I never let a run go beyond me, took a catch and had a near run out. But the times I ran on the field my head felt painful and the sun made sure that I had to faint (luckily kept my senses shouting and encouraging).. All these dint make me lose heart, but I was real pissed off when the juniors gave up half way through the second innings. I hated seeing the faces of these juniors who never had the slightest interest in putting their effort.
By the time I drove back to Lexington I was feeling fine. Drove back at average 90 mph on a 70 mph with full anger and concentration. Had a good dinner with the neighbors, felt sick again and went for sleep at 1. Woke up at 1 today and am feeling fine except those blurred images of trucks and shoulders coming into my mind.
Am never gonna take novalgin in my life. Am never gonna drive a car on the interstate with an allergic eyesight. Am never gonna play in the hot sun with fever and allergy up on my back... and Am never gonna shout at the top of my voice to encourage some born losers.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, August 19, 2007


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