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I wish I can admit

I needed a hug and raised my arms
All I got was the coldness of the air
I needed a lap to lie and sleep
All I got was the bench wide awake in tears
I needed a shoulder to rest my head
All I got was a wall with nails
I needed someone to brush my hair
All I got was a breeze as I walked home
I needed someone to listen to my problems
All I had was a twisted tongue and some deaf ears
I needed some peace for myself
All I got was more worries
I needed a life back
All I am getting is a fight to survive
I needed someone to encourage me
All I end up is encouraging others
I guess my life IS miserable
I wish I can be like others crying out
Instead of being positive and hoping for a better future…
I wish I can lose
I wish I quit
I wish I can admit
I wish I can admit
I wish…….
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, September 05, 2007


oh oh .. why so glum?

5:08 AM  

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