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A slim piece of some trees trunk with holes drilled at random points is what I thought of a flute when I was a kid. But if Lord Krishna can mesmerize people with it, then obviously I can fall for the same overtone. My attempts to learn the instrument never proved musical when I was a kid. But there never was a moment that I walked out of that instrument. It had been lying on the top of my dreams.
A year back when I went to India I had bought a flute (on the beach bargaining with a roadside dealer coz I was out of money that day) and brought it with me to the US. As I lived with a group of music freaks (just like me), I never tried to blare their ears with my piece of work. I kept my flute along with a learners book in my lab draw for nearly year and in time forgot about it (thanks to all the crap) and unfortunately to my dreams I burried it with a pile of journals (fortunately that had been good for my research).
The past one week had been a real work out for my ears and mind. I'd been listening to new songs all the time and the top 5 songs I listened the most in this week had flute bits in it. As I listened to 'em today, I noticed the reason I chose the songs to be my favorites. Every song had the start music with a flute. The ghost of the 'RIP' flute haunted my mind and thanks to my guilt feelings, the learners manual was also found.
Minutes of blowing, to short breaths, to exhaustion, to spits, and finally to sound.... Woo hooooo... 10 minutes of web search and there I was making sounds with the wood. With a natural interest in music and a few old lessons on keyboard music, my fingers were moving good. Childhood memories hit me and wallah music to the dead..... I've now mastered 3 seconds of music (musical bit of the flute u'll find in the song Dum Laga from the movie Dil, Dosti etc)....
Looking forward to try more of it and especially with the time I get at nights sitting in the lab waiting for printing zillions of papers and readin 'em or waiting for samples to time out - this is gonna b fun.... With the basement rented entirely for myself at nights, none's gonna shed blood from their ears....
Further since the topic was on music, in a year I'd changed a lot from listening to pure musical bits to observing musical pieces in songs to specific lyrics and then to songs where I like both the music and lyrics and now to pure masterpieces. Of course there were days on the interim when the music which went through my ears never made it to my brain... Before my PhD gets over I expect to have another talent under my belt and this one's right from the box....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Hari - i fucken get tired just scrolling down ur posts :))

I dunno how u get the energy to write it all up daily

p.s - Whats wrong with u in ur photos - u look fucken starved!

Like a bloody camel whos ben out in the desert for too long or something. Find a fucken oasis featuring some cool wine & kinky belly dancers da ;)

11:40 AM  

@Abhiku... Yo buddy! Been long I got a comment from u. Been hell pissed in gettin oral comments now a days. For the Fucken tiredness I gave u - dude dont blame me, blame my profession. Need breaks every now and then to keep me charged up and am checkin my writing skills jus for the thesis am gonna start ina couple of years.

For the fucken camel and Oasis - Ur my oasis (so better pack ur things and come here). Shall party like the good ol days. The belly dancers on me... Literally 'ON ME' ;)

2:52 PM  

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