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Brownies buddy, Brownies.....

Have you ever tried something you really hate doing just because everything else turned out to be hell till that moment? Well I did it today. Had the worst week of my life so far. I bought a slice of chocolate cake just like that, and ate the whole cake in 2 minutes. Did not mind the taste, or anything. Just hogged in. Then again called my roomie to the cafetaria and asked him to buy brownies for me and he did put a strange look. Eventually I had the brownie too.

On the contrary the good news of the week were - Finally I had training on ellipsometry, my 9th equipment under my PhD career (thanks to my post doc interests, my guide is torturing me to learn all the equipments the whole lab and even his co lab uses. Now I am senior incharge in the whole university to most of these instruments). AFM might start working in 2 weeks - meaning I get to spend nights in the lab looking at monitors with crappy images. Finally found a way to take care of financial debts without asking for help from my brother (have zero idea of how I am going to manage research with this on the side). Slept on an average 5:30 hrs daily (never woke up to the alarm). Let go of being the 'protective shield' and gave permission for my roomies to go at their will (either things will go good or I might become the bad guy). Finally my good funny roomie approached me and spoke about his issues (indirectly it helped me a lot in spite of wasting 6 hrs of lab work). Managed to bear my back pain by keeping myself occupied on different things (defenitely not a remedy for back pain coz it comes with the tag 'do not try this at home'). The cold weather has really made my twisted and swollen ankle comfortable to walk with . Saw some old pictures taken a year back and was happy of how much I had done in this period (but am also scared of what I am becoming now and what I shall lose soon)... All said, being a ghost really hurts a lot especially physically tiring....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, October 12, 2007


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