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Curled in doubt

Slam the Heart, Dance Forever and Kentucky Man - names of three horses which changed my perspective of life. Am never gonna forget these three names, especially Slam the Heart -which came from 7th position to second and fell back to third by quarter of an inch to Dance Forever. The reason for loving these three horses was actually blogged early which later I decided to keep hidden for personal reasons. Though it happened just a day before, I am very much positive that this is the turning point my life had been waiting for.

Well coming back to the current post, after the Keenland horse racing trip, I was coming back home with my friend and a chinese colleague of ours. He had brought his wife and kid along with him (he did win some good money) and we were discussing something about the hot weather in the car. All of a sudden, there were these words with high tone hurling into my ears in a sequence in a short span. My worn out medulla oblogata reasoned out that the words were chinese and the couple were discussing something. Curiousity brought the cat in me and I watched them, in the mirror and to my suprise they were watching me and the lady was pointing her finger at me. Doubt set me into confusion. But me being in a happy mood coz of the three horses, I din't let my doubts take over my reasoning skills. I just went blank for a couple of minutes and then the chinese friend called me.

He asked how I curled my hair and that his wife likes my hair. As daffy says, 'Well Blow me Down!!!' Completely dumbstruck, this was the first compliment on my hair in well I would say 23 years leaving apart my mom cuddling me and saying how beautiful her son is. (Seesh! All Mums are the same. For them their children are always the prettiest and handsome of all). After explaining them the concept of hair oil, hot bath, curly gels, etc I was satisfied in satisfying them with a hope of curling her hair. Now they are calling me and asking me hair tips which I inform them clearly that I am not the right guy to approach.

With me trying to find a guy who can machine cut my long hair free of cost or a coupon that would help me reduce the 'hair straightening' rate to the red ticket value, and obviously as usual avoiding all hazzles related to my hair care skills, a married chinese woman's remark really set doubts in my self grooming standards. To add to the doubts, a freind of mine, minutes ago commented on my hair length since I put an old pic of mine in orkut (in which I looked good with short hair).

'To straighten or not to straighten' is the question this shakesphere is trying to ponder out....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, October 08, 2007


gaana kahin ka bhi nahin hain...par tumne guess theek kiyaa...

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