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Was it all worth doing?

‘Come on in.’ Waving a pile of papers in his hand he said, ‘these are some pretty good results. IT IS TIME.’ Words direct from the mouth of your advisor. Sweet ain’t it? With an air of caution I said, ‘Yup! It is time.’ The meeting went for about 45 minutes and after delineating him with all the current results, he was happy. A smile curved deep into his heart. As he checked the proposed work for this month, his eyes set on the term, ‘Consolidating results for a paper’. With lightning flash he took his red ink Bic pen and scribbled in handwriting similar to any doctorate the word ‘Papers’. Though my heart was jumping over the fact that finally he wants to go for it, my head was throwing out questions – ‘Is this really the time? Are these results enough? Have I achieved what I’d been trying for quite some time? Is it worth?’
My fixed eyes were shaken by my advisors clap (which he often does to show that he is trying to avoid sleep), and then he said, ‘Let’s not go for Langmuir this time. Let’s go a few steps higher… HIGHER…. HIGHer… Higher….’ The next 2 minutes we discussed about the effectiveness of the new results and that this is really good. Finally he asked me the strangest question, ‘All these results were of this month?’ Looking at my affirmative response he sat back in his desk chair, started knuckling his fingers and then checked his cell phone (An act he does often before the big serious speech) and said, ‘I know we went through a bad start with your research. But somehow you rose to the occasion and produced these results in a span of one month. I know you had been skilled in various equipments though we have R, D and N (names kept anonymous) having expertise in their equipments. I need you to undergo training in QCM soon.’ …pause… ‘Hope you know why I am asking you to train in all the equipments the lab use.’
Though I had a hunch of why I am being pushed, I kept a blank stare. He gave me the answer I needed and I was happy that I was right.’

After achieving so much, I am still sad over the things I missed and avoided in this one month. I am turning into a devil….. I need a break from my new life. I want to go anonymous……….
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, October 03, 2007


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