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Crunch time

Never had been an instant in the past couple of years I thought I would fall back blinded on my knees. This time the fall is hard and the pain is deep. I need a recovery not hard but cold enough, that I can withstand all the discomforts I am going to face soon. With lots of emotion and lost heart I decided to rejuvenate myself. Short term occupied goals is the only artillery under my belt. This might be the craziest moment for I to name a recovery with code names. But I guess, this is a good step for me coz now I am thinking funnier and positive rather than be on my knees and crib.
Code name 'Filling Tranquility': Dead line - January 31st 08
Code name 'New Year': Dead line - December 31st 07
Code name 'Ghost': Dead line - November 5th 07
Code name 'Worm Hole': Dead line - October 31st 07
The description of the projects shall be explained as time sets in. I had grown frustrated and tired as days passed. Before I lose all my energy waiting for good, I guess it is time for me to enter the battlefield. If you give me war, then I'll give you one hell of a war.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, October 05, 2007


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