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Yesterday morning I was looking through all my results and was feeling happy to see what I had accomplished in less than two months. Casually I browsed through my abstract for my AICHE conference and I felt a little apprehensive as I saw the word AFM imaging in it. The equipment had been down for the past 2 months and I had been getting JUST words that the equipment is going to be up and running soon for the past two weeks. With everything else going better than as planned, I decided to finalise all my data which eventually consumed my whole day. As I had said earlier in one of my blogs, I had been sleeping lately a lot (a minimum of 6 hrs a day) and am a last minute busy bee.
But this time since all my work had been completed 95% a week ago, I decided to take another step in my research (a big risk) and eventually it worked good for the preliminary studies. Without any doubt I presented the data to my advisor (sent the report at 4 in the morning today) in the individual meeting (another big risk) with all the discussions and conclusions. Went home with a little confusion of what is wrong with me - meaning 'I am sleeping too much and am working ahead of my time line.' With doubt I went to sleep at around 4:30ish.... Was scared that I might not make up for the 9 30 meeting with me over sleeping every day for the past 2 weeks.
But when I woke up today and watched my clock I had the broadest morning smile ever. I woke up at 8 15 sharp (15 mins before the alarm) and thanks to that time, had a great breakfast - Cereals and milk (Hey come on this had been my first morning meal since two weeks). As I walked out of my house, I noticed that it hadn't stopped raining. My mind hit the question - Y doesn't it rain in California and quench (what's the word I'm forgetting here?) the fire? Well all thought its still awesome to walk early in the morning (ahem 9:15 was early for me). It had been slightly raining, and so I decided to walk with my umbrella closed. Today my theme was to count how many were like me walking in the rain with an umbrella unused. After the heavy rapid eye movements (trying to catch everyone in the mindframe) for 10 minutes I eventually found 3 people (including me) to walk just like me. I said crazy guys (didn't count me in), and made it to my department. As I was about to enter the faculty corridor - 'Main Jahan Rahoon' song from Namaste London mellowed in my earphones. Damn! It had been long I listened to this piece of magic and stopped on the corridor. Listened to half the song and then made it to my advisors room.
With the new data on the table, and the funny tag lines I used during the conversations we had during his conference through mail threw him off guard. Today he was much more interactive, and happy to see me (not work) but feel good. We had a healthy discussion (just like the healthy breakfast, hehehe) and at the end he gave me the words - 'Hey Hahri (thats the accent he uses), Nice job. U know when to walk the line and when to cross it. Keep it up.' Hell I had a question mark on my face, but I had my 32 white soldiers aiming at him. His artillery also came into action and presto I walked out of his room with head high and immediately in the faculty corridor I was dancing (really) and one other faculty saw me and smiled. Scratched my head and came back to my lab. New experiments ahead and bigger analyses to be done in the 10 days I have before my big conference. The past weeks goodness has pushed me from just giving the script, to direction to the lead role in the Mime for the LTCA function gonna be held this weeked. I opted out of the Diwali Dhoom for any major event but if things go as planned, who knows I might chip in as a nightwatchman. This might be the last post before I finish my conference. Got the right tip for the three weeks ahead of me. Time to be the last minute bee. Time to lock and load. Hastha La Vista baby!!!!!!
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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