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Carton of the Year
'A pen is mightier than a sword'. But 'Paper is mightier than Metal'. Thinking 'Huh?' Recently I discovered how powerful card board boxes can be. Ever saw the program 'How It Is Made?' in Discovery? Well it's an awesome program showcasing every damn detail of how a particular material is made at the industrial level right from safety pins, bulbs, fried chicken nuggets to cars and cranes. But I'd been observing that at the end of any material production it goes into the packaging area where one observes sheer dexterity and experience amalgamating for efficiency of filling up things. Damn these guys are good.

Later as days passed as I got in contact with cartons (Card board boxes which they use for packing) I was astonished by the intricacies involved in the box. The design of these boxes is extremely complex equivalent to the product they pack in with. In less than 2 weeks, I had come across at least a hundred different types of carton boxes. The complex folds, end cuts, paste materials, groves for hold up, striations for stacking, sine wave insulation for better life time, handling accesories, etc is amazing.

So far I thought Origami was the only art which involves paper foldings. But listen to me - defenitely making card board boxes is an art better than origami. I learnt in my biology class that the more folds a brain has the better memory and skills the person inherits. Well whoever designs these folds had better folds under his skull. Hats off to these guys. Guess these were the guys who played in card board boxes as shown in 'For everything else there's master card' commercial. As for the dexterous people who manage to squeeze in a dozen 20 oz coke cans in approximately 130 oz cartons - You must be paid more than the financial guys who try to fit in all the money within the clause limit. As I mentioned the mastercard commercial, the other work I admire the most is the advertising field. Man the new Heinz ad is beautifully masterminded. Here's the link:
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, October 23, 2007


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