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Time 4 a quick post

10 mins is all I have to write this blog. Samples waiting to be removed from the sonicator. Well things that's been going good since the last post are -
1. Went crazy when I saw Denzel - Russel's movie online 2 nights ago and was happy to spend $1.16 on coffee (pure milk and sugar with lil caffeine) b4 the movie started. After the movie ended at 5 30 in the morning - I cursed for wasting my time, sleep and of course $1.16. Ridley Scott - never take a true story with Academy Awar winners. I tried to be positive during the movie and when he showed the patented coffee cup lids (not found in 1968) I freaked out. U suck Scott.
2. 3 new data and 3 new discussions and finally 3 different conclusions. Good news? Nayyy! Conclusions were very contradictory. 3 days of serious expt remaining to get what I am supposed to show for the meeting.
3. 3 days of 'no clue what I'm eating' Been busy to the oxygen I inhale and all I eat is - anything I eye upon while running around.
4. Lost some pounds in the name of hair cut. Finally found the right barber who likes talking while doing his job. PS he uses scissors without any request. Played a wonderful lie game with him and learnt a lot about 'what not to do if you have a girlfriend.'
5. 'U look smart and tired' - the comment I got today from a friend when she saw me pruned in my suit with a sparkling face. No sleep, and attended a lecture series with at most drooping eyes. Thanks to the shot I had from Starbucks - I was 200% active for the talk I wanted to listen to and understood some new concepts. No thanks to the University coffee - slept for the first time for an hr in the hall (never happened before and I was pretty happy that I slept over a whole lecture). Decided never to go for shots just like the red bull effect I experienced back during my semifinal game last season.
6. Under heavy coffee hangover. Seriously I am a sugar kid. 1 cup coffee and 12 packs of sugar. But today the shot regular coffee - Shit too much caffeine, in my friends words 'Kadva Kafee' 'Kafee ho gaya coffee'. Sugar was over shadowed by the decoction. Fell real sick now with loads of work on my list.
7. Right hand punch power has improved real good - dent in the 'School of law' board and the colds doing a good job numbing my bones. Left hand - just air punchs.
8. Morro UK plays Misissippi - one more Saturday game I'm missing of work. One way or the other I miss ol' friends.
9. Finally brought myself up and said thanks to my good friend AL for wishing me on every occassion which everyone had in the last 2 months. Felt good after I thanked him.
10. Lastly - 'What am I gonna do for thanksgiving?' is whats pondering me for quite some time.
Shit! 12 mins... Wish my samples were maagi.....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, October 26, 2007


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