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Ho Ho Ho is all I need now....

*#%@**#@%@^$#$@!#!@#$% This is ridiculous. First of all none of the doors were open in the department. The lights were all turned off, elevators shut off, and now, all of ASTECC is off limits, coz everyone's home. That means no analyses. To make it worse, no liquid nitrogen available coz Chemstores is closed. So I can't use equipment even in my lab. Oh Come on! It took me a lot of will power, dedication and self sacrifice to get up from my bed and walk all the way down to the lab against the chilly winds, and all I get for hard work is 'Closed Doors'. That's it! Am going home and gonna party just like the rest of the world. Merry Chirstmas to one and all. Ending with a joke, "Do you know why Santa's all happy?" "Coz he knows exactly where the bad girls are....." hehehehehe.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, December 24, 2007


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