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Oh boy! NY is in 10 days

Damn! 07 is almost over and I've got a lot to catch up with. Seriously with winter bringing in a wave of slumber, am all lost and stranded amidst the immense things I need to finish before New Year. 2 Years down the road, I'd be Dr. Chirra (hope so by that time) and with time flying in minutes rather than in days, guess I have to utilize these 10 days to its maximum. Whilst, nearly 95% of my friends hitting *^2 for New Year, and the rest flying to India, am left with 0+ options to hit south. Luckily this time I've managed to pull atleast 6 drivers accompanying me for the trip, unless everybody backs out at the last moment as they always tend to do so. If not, it's gonna be yet another solo trip, making the 12 hr drive to New York or New Orleans or Tulsa feel like a drive to the market. Christmas is up, and I need to gift my nephew something good and am not sure what to do. Hope I won't end up having jelly in my tummy dressed up as Santa.
With 'Nap Tales' hitting the shelf, 'Reunion' 80% completed, work with SEE, snaps and collectibles for Lines of Grey, research driven to the core, an experience drained cricket season, the ISC soccer organization, estimated trips to LA, Miami and Yosemite/Yellowstone, F1 in Canada, a week of rejuvenated racing in East Lancing, trips every now and then to meet Anand, it is going to be filthy busy. 08 is all loaded with fun and work. Before I enter that chicaine, lemme accelerate in these 10 days. Time to be Crazy, Hari defined crazy....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, December 21, 2007


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