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Current Status: A small question: ‘Did I lose more than what I ever had won in life?’

For those who are curious abt the way I lost my phone, here is exactly what that happened:

I 70 East, driving at around 9 in the morning back home and I see a truck in front of me speeding. I followed him at 40 mph (Yes, I was driving at 40 and not 90). The snow storm grew stronger. Visibility went to 3 metres and both my roomies were dead asleep (as usual). I am sure that ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ was blaring in my car. But the sleet on the road was so dangerously spread, that I concentrated entirely on sticking on to my lane. An overtake of the truck and a few more vehicles later proved that I was driving great (I was enjoying the thrill).

43 miles before the next exit. I see two cars in front of me “cruising” at 20 mph. Followed them for nearly 20 mins and then decided to take my chance. Drifted to the left lane. Since this was one of those situations, where one needs to be slow and steady I was overtaking the cars at 22 mph. 5 seconds into the process and the car in front of me started gliding out of control to my lane. Some old tricks helped me stick to my lane even after braking and sliding to the left. But when the second car started to skid slightly, I decided to slow down, and presto, at 22 mph, I had no control on my car. Zero acceleration, manual ABS traction and no use. We drifted smoothly into the grass. Shorty gets up and asks, ‘Are we in Columbus?’ A smile from me and we decide to check the 3 ft snow covered buffer road.

A 10 minute toil to clear up the snow in front of the car and that’s when I dropped the phone from my car door (I keep it in the handle zone and while working in the snow, guess I opened the car door fast enough to drop it). A successful ousting from the snow and a cheer up made us go into fast track and there I continued “cruising” at 30 mph. 20 mins on the road and I realized I miss my phone. The last time I saw it was when I spoke to a friend minutes before the glided parking.

Guess now you all have the details of how I lost it. And now I have a new phone from a friend. The no should be the same and should be available in a couple of days.

And for you @#$%* friends of mine, laying stupid in Melbourne, Tokyo, Singapore, Gulf (which country are you at right now? :D), Vienna, Manchester and those in the land where I stay – you had New Year way before I saw the fireworks and don’t put the blame on me losing my phone when you called after 9 am EST on New Year. If I remember and call you at your respective midnights, you should do the same.

And talking about me not attending phone calls, yes I do keep it in ‘Walk’ mode when all I get is missed calls and not even vibrations coz I don’t like getting disturbed while I enjoy my walk. I’ll continue doing the same with the new phone too.

As for New Year, I am very happy by the way things went on. I had full control over my speed temptation when I returned back. But I did reach Chicago in a lil over 4 hrs (Google maps gives it as 6 hrs and 34 mins). Instead of just I, the entire set of friends, started loving the freezing weather instead of cribbing about something which we cant change. One more time I made it sure, that it is not money that is needed to enjoy life to the fullest. Some snow ball fights, free hugs to strangers, dance to the music of the crowd, a few skating attempts on thin sleet, kissing and hugging the bean at -18 degree C, throwing snow at ice skaters, making funny comments in front of a waiter, meeting old friends at random, making sure that we stood on the high ground by piling tons of snow to see the fireworks, holding hands with Africans just to avoid falling down from the snow mountain, cherishing every moment of the fireworks and being among the handful of ppl who really noticed the smileys in the fire works (33000 ppl came to Navy Pier and only a few noticed the smileys – report from the Chicago Herald), yelling great stuff at the top of my voice, imitating funny faces of animals in aquarium, wishing every cop who controlled the traffic on New Year saluting his dedication, improvising by using a simple credit card to scrape ice of the windshield, getting dedications of the final 07 Sunset from far off friends, watching the first sunrise of the year from a Pilot exit when my roomies were fast asleep for the two hours of sunset (all I saw was an orange circle streaking a few rays out through the heavy snow storm), suggesting an idea to keep a beautiful lady who wore a skirt on a chilly day to keep her feet warm (seriously I just helped her with a simple but gentle(man) idea) and getting a warm smile of thanks (which I was not happy about. I expected a warm hug instead of a warm smile), meeting my old friend and his wife and making sure that she never felt lonely in US, having great food, showing the guys that ‘if you use only your lower tongue, you can eat any chilly’, monkeying around the first bowling game just to keep everyone interested and then making sure that I lost just to keep shorty company and then finally nailing the last game with some class – all made my decisions perfect.

For the many people whom I haven’t wished Happy New Year, here’s a sincere statement, ‘I wish you all a life filled with 366 days of happiness in 2008, whereas for New Year, theres always the usual statement – Happy New Year’
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, January 03, 2008


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