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Christmas 07

Strangely, today I can't think of any other crazy title, other than 'Christmas 07' for this entry. Well, cutting the crap out, this years Christmas meant to be special and it ended up to be. Some pursue happ‘y’ness and a very few create ’em. I was lucky to be in a world of Creators.

It all started with Christmas eve, spent on watching two great movies, riding to a restaurant and seeing everyone flirting selfless with the new Latino Indian-look alike girl. A follow up of laughter sequels made pearls of tears flowing out of everyone’s eyes and pain in the stomach. A power nap and a crummy shower tunneled me into a rush and finally made it on time to reach downtown for Christmas celebration. Fortunately I wasn't too early to see the morning prayers. 'OK. Time to clarify things'. I meant 'fortunately', not coz for missing the prayers, but I had this splendid morning gift of watching the kids, of all ages, color, nationality, language and of course even religion to play under the downtown Christmas tree. An hour over there, and then a dash to filling tranquility made the morning all full. Every stranger I met, I wished Merry Christmas, and today I had smile from their hearts rather than the usual clichéd statement 'How's it going?'

Came back home and was happy to see all my roomies, their friends and my bro all sitting and checking mails in their respective laptops. A recap of Friends and a very short minuty nap is what I had then. As Christmas was high in the air, I decided to ask them if they are ready to hit Chicago to see the celebrations. Everyone agreed and a brainstorm of what and when to leave ended up in jokes. With one of my roomies’ job, at stake we finally decided to birr with enthusiasm to Louisville River walk. Before we left, I had a chance to see my nephew opening his gifts (our first time with him for Christmas coz I missed it last year busy going to India), called Coach and ended up getting the latest scan of his soon to be born. “It’s no more a pea. It’s a boy”

Two cars, cruising at top notch on Christmas day on an average 95 mph, set me and my nephew up on the river walk just on time. Playing almost an hr with my nephew, my bro, and my best friends made the evening more than just perfect. The repeated 'Uh Oh's' as sung by my nephew, carrying him on my shoulder all the way, we jumping like monkeys on the sight chairs, bro having fun and laughing as if he saved this laughter for years, all kept me at bay (I did wanna dive into the river with joy rising way high in the air). It was a great feeling. Then we drove to Shalimar which being closed made us treat our tummies with the delicious Chinese food (Buffet). Awesome food, awesome envi and at last everyone talking in Chinese reading from their respective fortune papers (we even asked the waitress to give the right pronunciation), kept us lively. Strangely I got the fortune 'You will achieve success this year', which made me throw my previous fortune of my wallet and add this as the new one. Then we all returned home.

With the brain, saying 'Christmas is done', the heart itched a lot. Somehow, I managed to sit at the rear of another friend’s car and enjoy the fast ride through US 68. With the other 3 scared of the hairpins and sudden U's, I thoroughly enjoyed the drive and even managed to teach my friend some tricks on fast riding on tough roads. We even turned down the lights and ride at 55 mph on curvy spots. A stop near the river, a 'wow' moment at the dark forest brightened by the full moon and stars and some funny chit chat made it all perfect. Once I reached home, I just lay on the floor and continued watching Friends and I never knew when my eyes cheated on me. The last time I slept with my glasses was in 06 December, the day before two of my old roomies left for their successful future.

But saying all this, now sitting on my lab chair, I feel a lil awkward. Instead of cherishing the moment and carrying on with my work, I feel unexplainably different. As the Bard would say, lies the rub – Time to work on and enjoy 08. That's ??? (Damn! I forgot to ask what name they are gonna give him) in the pic. I'd put the downtown glories of little warriors in some other post.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, December 27, 2007


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