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Eureka (A short story)

Working through the set of equations, he stopped with a frown as he faced the final step of his modelling equation. He set aside his pen, and looked out through the window of the restaurant. The sun seemed as a supernova, the light turned as energy equations, people walking by resembled Schrodingers theory. Everything he noticed seemed to be giving him concepts on his theory. But none revealed the answer.
"Coffee Dr. Reid?", sweet voice of Stephanie questioned.
"Sure dear", replied Mark still having his glare at the outside world.
"Your wife called. She said she would be late by an hour. Do you need anything till then?", asked Stephanie.
The frown turned to concern and he smiled at her and said, "Then..... I'll have a muffin"
Stephanie responded with a warmer smile and walked away from him.
Her smile seemed like a silver lining. He dug into his notes and scratched his chin for the missing piece of the puzzle. An hour later, his pupil constricted, goosebumps hit him, muscles hardened and there he rose from his chair with a shock and yelled, "Eureka! Eureka! I've found the solution"
Stephanie calmed the only other customer sitting on the other side of the restaurant. Seconds later, Mrs Reid walked in, waved a hand at Mark and smiled at Stephanie. Minutes later, old Mrs. Reid, took her husband Mark who was singing equations to the oldsmobile which they shared for years.
Stephanie told the other customer, "Dr Reid lost his marbles while he was working as a proff. Anyway... Do you need cream with your coffee?"
As the mid 30's customer walked out of the restaurant swivel door, Stephanie noticed that he had the notes of Dr. Reid tucked in his leather jacket. Two days later, Stephanie read the headlines of the paper "Lyndon, a 37 year old stockbroker shocks the mathematics world with his solution". She dropped the maple syrup bottle when she recognized the face in the photograph.
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