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The mystery competitor

Whizzed! And there went the same girl in front of her. Strangely, she slowed again and disappeared into thin ground. A couple of dashes later, once again little miss Mbowa noticed through the corner of her eye, the image of the black girl who swiped past her in a jiffy. Yet again she vanished. “Daddy says I’m first if I’m fast”, words ran in her mind as she neared the finish line.

The Kenyan marathon winner clenched his wine glass in disbelief as he saw his 4 year old daughter margining the distance between her and the second place by more than 40 yards. “That’s it Mbowa! That’s the spirit”, he yelled on top of his voice avoiding all conversations he had with the celebrating group. Everyone’s eyes turned to the race.

“What’s she looking at on her side every now and then? Why is she running faster intermittently?” thought Younootto. The curve ended and Mbowa won the challenge. She started crying. Younootto ran from his party stand and hugged his daughter.

“Sorry pappa. She… faster” panting for air she cried.
“No sweetheart. You came first. See everybody is chubby caking your victory”, assured Younootto.
“But…. But…. That girl? Came behind…. Faster…. Disappeared…..” Mbowa gave a confused look.
“Come on it’s getting late. I need to tuck you into your bed”, he dragged Mbowa along.

All the while Mbowa was complaining about the dark image she saw beating her every now and then and vanishing in the ground. Younootto considered it as her imagination and assured her that there was none.

Mbowa walked head down to the door with her confused mind and as she crossed her garden light, she noticed her competitor again. She pointed her finger at her and called her dad. “Pappa. Pappa. Look… She again….”

Younootto walked fast towards her and saw what she was pointing at. He laughed at his imagination. Bent down on his knees and caught Mbowa by her shoulders and said,

“That’s your shadow sweetheart”

Life in a box: Had a tummy laugh watching Fox channel legal advisors fighting on the debate concerning the Best Buy former employee suing his company for. Lived two days on liquid diet. And the liquid is only milk. Got no energy to shift my apt. A lot of small things very much important to my life and future came up and am getting screwed up taking care of everything. Been hearing this anonymous 1 min musical composition and am desperate to find who the composer is. My nephew got day care finally and so no more baby sitting in the evenings (gud / bad news?).

Song of the day: Kahan ho Tum from U Bomsi N Me, Aao Milo Chalein from Jab We Met (I like this more than Tum Se Hi), of course the 1 minute musical composition, Cleopatra Stratan’s cute Ghita.
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