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Every trip I have made so far in the US has been special; coz there’s always something not so common.

Niagara and Cedar Point – No license, stopped at the middle of the interstate and took pictures crossing the road. I driving 24 hrs non stop and sleeping on a roller coaster when ppl where screaming for their lives.

Texas Ranger – Nobody knew that I went to Texas alone, ended up riding a bull in a city of nowhere.

Smokies – Lost my wallet in a creek after being pushed by 8 guys after heavy resistance.

Smokies again - Climbing Chimney Tops the hard way and ‘wow’ing at the beauty of the world.

DC, NY and Penn – 10 guys, one driver, one minivan, first ticket, car getting towed, 5 hrs of waiting for a restroom to be found, 4 hrs lost to find $3 chicken biryani, 18 hrs of funfilled walk in NY and then driving 14 hrs non stop (totally 39 hrs of driving and 3 hrs of sleep)

Smokies again – Bursted tire on the left lane and managing to avoid all traffic and safely reaching the shoulder. Climbing Chimney tops last section 3 times

Atlanta – Heavy rain at night drive and 1 ft visibility at 85 mph. One hour of 100 mph on Christmas eve.

Smokies – Driving at 70 mph on a 25 mph curvy mountain and dedicating the sunset to those ghastly living passengers and getting a hell lot of nicknames. Reaching to the other side of the mountain after finding the only route that was possible to take.

San Francisco – Singing ‘Pretty Women Walking by the Streets’ in front of around 50 pretty women and getting an all around applause. Watching Lake Tahoe and falling in love with it. Winning smart (a lot of profit) during my first Roulette game

St Louis – Talking about smart driving to my brother and immediately watching the lights of a cop for over speeding and my brother laughing.

Utah – Climbing the top of the tallest mountain and making sure that my act inspired several others to watch the beauty of a setting sun. Making sure that my good friend got the best on his birthday.

Ann Arbor and NY – Going into Canada without a passport and getting a lump loaded for 3 hrs. Drifting for the first time in sleep. Getting a warning even after reckless driving. Most hrs I drove on an average per day for 4 days.

Chicago – Honking hard enough at an SUV guy who almost would have lost his child playing at the rear of his car. Getting free food at a famous restaurant where I met a highly professional doctors who later became good friends.

Chicago again – Using Iced tea as the windshield fluid and then flushing the whole set up with hot water in the next exit (great improvisation). Helping an old couple changing their wheel and then meeting them again in a Roulette table in a casino and then making them win a lot just like the way I won.

Pittsburgh – Meeting a school mate just by chance, having fun with the parents of my friend, losing my marbles and talking nonsense while driving at night, learning ice skating in less than 5 minutes.

Dayton – Watching just the moon and a couple of stars and taking the city and suburban road with no map or GPS, avoiding the piled up interstate traffic just to make sure that my friend reached the airport on time.

Chicago – Snow storm driving at 30 mph for several hrs, using credit card to clear windshield ice, free hugs to pretty ladies, watching smiley faces in fireworks, and a lot more.

Others – My first ride with Sound to Columbus game, several wonderful moments of glory after cricket games, Chess Organization dinners, a ton of trips to Louisville and Frankfort, dashes to Natural Bridge, etc and a lot more.
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