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Tears of Life!

Aping his dad’s slouch on the couch, little James, started changing the channels of the television. As he flipped through the pages of the television, he ended up watching a sci-fi scene. Impressed by his kid’s interest in science and technology, George, sat with him on the couch.

‘A group of masked men dressed in glittering black stripes, rode in their Levitator 3200, zooming through the intergalactic traffic. As they reached planet Zura, the tallest of the men, browsed through his Curve Ban monocles, and got a confirmation of the location. The latitude, longitude and altitude led to the house, which by now had its screensaver UV filter walls pixelling in raw black. Many Hovers ranging from C class to E class reached the aerial parking of the house and both men and women dressed in black naturals, floated in air with their antigravity shoes.

As the glass tinted coffin glided through the house to the nearby coffin carrier, people started to weep. The hovering monocled masked men, pointed their suction gun on the crowd of lamenters and knobbed to maximum level. While the mourners let their hearts out, the masked men, sucked every ounce of tears floating in the gloomy sky. Once they had their tear sacs filled, the Tear Bees left the planet back to their station.

Once in, they were greeted by their chief, and little bluish gold zakrons collected their sacs. The tears were emptied into the Elixir XD, a machine skying the roofs of the station. Three minutes later, a heavy colorless oil came out of Elixir XD’s tap. Centrion MZX, the lab A.I., commented, “Vaazhkai fluid ready. Concentration 200%. Effectivity – Enough to cure 3 cancer patients”

“Thanks Centrion! Now we can save three men from the tears of others”, sighed the chief. “Soldiers of Tear Bees, Just now got another confirmation of a death. Our estimations show that, we can get two more tear gallons out of this. So gear up and bring some tears”

The Tear Bees zoomed in their Levitators.’

James gave a puzzled look at the television and looked at his dad. Expecting something, his dad smiled. James said, “Dad can I ask you a question?”
George expecting his son to ask him about what the story all meant got into the mind set and nodded an approval at his son.

“If tears in the future are so important to cure people, why don’t they give jobs to a few who can cut Onions and cry a lot? Why should they wait for others to die?”
For this George, had no answers.

Off the Tears of Life: You might have draped a wet cloth around your face, or chewed gum, or used goggles, or bought an expensive cutter or even might have just cried chopping onions. The future has something happy for those lachrymals. Behold the ‘Tearless Onion’
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