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Superbowl – a reason to change life!!

Sports strangely but realistically seems to be the spark of life for most adults. While many yesterday supported the Giants or the Patriots, I ended up neutraling to the advertisement part of the show. Yet again, after years, I felt glued to the TV and the sheer excitement of a catch and fall and of course a touch down ended up in a high note. To be true, I am one of those “Whats so good in watching huge hulks of men fall and pummel each other in the quest for an oblong ball?” kind of guy. Yet, I am also the same person who once was a fervent fan of watching multiple sports. While watching has gone to the drain, the playing belt is getting loaded up with new sports of which, in fact is changing the way my life is seen. While the advertisements this year turned out to be an empty shell in the quickdraw, the fourth quarter was a humdinger of a quality.

Yesterday also proved out to be a memory lane event, where along with the usual superbowl excitement, we had a surprise birthday party thrown to a good friend. While my actions had to be plain and unnoticable, to avoid any emotional conflicts, I still ended up holding a part of the wish light. Strangely saying, this moment turned out to be an awkward one for me in my life. Though I had a repercussion of thoughts that screwed my true character, I ended up on a high note on the level of maturity I exposed. Turned out that I even ended up surfeiting my apetite with chocolate and getting my senses and lifestyle tested.

Physical rules of feuds, as I had experienced has always been less painful than the cold wars of playing with ones’ emotions. And I always recommend a slap on my face rather than a zip on my actions. While the past had been a ruckus of life in the unoccupied state, the present has paved its way to the future. ‘There is nothing wrong in giving as long as you don’t expect to get things back in return’ is all I learnt from my atrocities I did to others in life. While my sins have loomed to an exponential factor, I realized that in spite of breaking all the rules of lifestyle I listened to my inner mind to realize that I DO have principles of character in life, which made me believe, my actions turning out to be sin in truth. Principles which in fact enshrouds my true character, a character that reveals me as a gentleman, ‘at least to myself’. For the first time in years of confusion, I truly found the answer for the question, ‘Who am I?’

I sincerely apologize for throwing up the end of the post on a gamma state.

The alpha state crows: I am a needle in a haystack. I am the most searched for and I am the most cherished for. I found myself and I don’t expect anyone else to find me.

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, February 04, 2008


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