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Puzzled Perverseness

A well accepted global dialogue would be, “Yuck! How can they kiss each other like that?” at the age of 3-6+. Well this would invariably be the start of ones feelings for the other sex in the sensual way. Strange, but true. We all start thinking of sex as disgusting. Woah! Now hold your horses! This is not a post on the art of sex. Before I give any of that interpretation let me jump directly to my point.

The word ‘perverse’ literarily means ( something ‘directed away from what is right or good’. But basically, you all know the format for when, what for and why we employ it in reality. Lately, I’ve been trying to dish wash my brain just to get back the social humor instead of the raunchy sarcastic and perverted back into my life. And to do so, I decided to keep my mind, off, all perverted jokes. Luckily, somehow I managed to decrease the level of perverseness (the whole post is in regards to jokes and so don't mistake my lifestyle), and am having fun with the other types of jokes. Saying all this, I also submit that perverseness can be used as a tool to judge other people (at least those whom you are not sure of adding to your list of friends)

I tested this theory on multiple bunches on several occasions (disregard my way of representing people as a buch of data points… PLZ) and realized that the best way to keep a group of people (obviously of the age above 18+) active in a discussion is to spice up the talk by throwing words of no sense at random which of course is related to a topic which somehow or someway turned out to be a perverted joke (delivered by someone). The effect; three kinds of people,

1. Those, whose minds are clear of any double entendres (these subjects give a puzzled look and just to stay in the group fake a laugh which is delineated clearly through their folded foreheads)
2. Those, who inevitably are the class of master masons whose imaginative skills can score great heights in the level of perverseness (of course their power of imagination is also so active that once they use them for constructive purposes can prove worthy). And finally
3. The median class whose sight of expressions I always enrich to look at. These targets take a little time to bridge their figment of imagination with the experience of past reality to give the ‘entirely new perspective’ for the words used. They start with the puzzled look staring at the ‘double entendre word deliver’ (though the word has no sense or closeness to perverseness) for a second or two, and then slowly start building a pillar around their figment of imagination (this is the fun part, where you can see their lips start to arch back into a blank smile) and finally as the past reality or experience provides facts to their imagination they end up turning to be the happiest person in the world (blank smile turns to an ear to ear smile and a sparkle appears in their eyes)

Well coming to the conclusion of the post, if you liked watching Joey of FRIENDS’ expression when it comes to realizing a current situation after several seconds, you would love doing this experiment. But as any experiment comes with a safety factor, this one does too. Personally I stopped from throwing any more words onto the experimental group just to safeguard my integrity in terms of being a gentleman. Anyways coming to the question of who among the three you need to be friends with, I would say with anyone whom you would like to be with.

Off the perverseness: After two weeks of intense study (Effect of garments on the heat transfer from human palms) during my daily walk to the school, I put forth my results that if you keep your hands in your jean pocket then you are likely to feel warmer in your hands rather than keeping it in your leather jacket or jerkin or fleece or sweatshirt. The main parameter that governs the heat preserved, in the case of jeans, is ‘how tight is your pant?’

10 hours ago, I had the most intense battle between two other drivers on I 75. Two hours of fierce battle at an average of exceeding 100 mph race and to end the war all three of us signaled our emergency lights for roughly two minutes to accept a draw. Ya ya.. most of you guys would call me or mail me or chat me and give me a thrash on my rash, but on my curve smile behalf, I would rather say that this had been the best drive I ever had in the US and those two blondes (why else would I race? :P) were the safest drivers I’d ever seen. No rules broken and no public pissed off!!

Spent hours, day before yesterday night, in the toys section of Wal-Mart and brought the inner kid in me to have fun (I miss the rapping monkey and talking Elmo). Valentines Day is ahead and so is the deluge of the hearts shape and pink color (surfeited looking into the amount of giftable articles pouring at shops).

Scratched my feet while carrying the couch and so wore my shoes. And scratched my palms moving the television and so wore gloves. And scratched my knee moving utensils and so removed all protective clothes (:D). Am loving arranging stuff in the new apt keeping in mind that the biggest and foremost important criteria in setting things is ‘reachable or not reachable’ for my naughty nephew =))

And finally, pretty much using every minute of my daily life for productive work. No nonsense. Sheer resume building work (there is a definite reason for posting more blogs too). Bringing back some old school artistic perspective back into life as the camera is attracting dust on my shelf. Research is all up and running lightning. Results yet to force me into a paper….
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