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Weathers don't Wither me!

After a heavy meal of Chinese food, I had no plans of making it to the lab to continue my experiment. Fortunately, thunderstorms proved immense enough to keep me snuggling to my bed sheet. While the entire community in my street was scared as the power got cut off twice, I and my room mates had a dead slumber. Decided to join my bro on an early day job and as I reached the lab at 5 in the morning, I was pretty much feeling normal.

The scene I was gifted as I opened the lab door was pretty nasty. Mud, water and dust all over the floor; My computer dripping with rain. Thanks to the lab clean up, somehow everyone forgot to close the window. Though this sight had to throw me off, I ended up slurring 'Sssuuuuuuuuwwweeeeeeeeettt!!!!' as I entered my lab. Took me 2 hours of drying to get my stuff ready for my lab work. Strangely, even after watching all the trees rooted out of the ground as I walked back home for Lunch, I never felt threatened by the weather. Strangely, it is not only the thunderstorm I mention here. As long as my memory can take me, I never refuted the way weather exists in our lives. Be it sultry cricket in Summer, or a skin dry Winter, or a life threatening Thunderstorm, or any other extremity.

My life has pretty much been normal or should I say hardened to most conditions of weather. As I told my friend AL earlier, I used to wear Monkey cap, hood and gloves in 05 Winter. In 06, off went the monkey cap. A scarf was all I had in addition to the normal coat. 07 was pretty much normal though the weather went to the negatives. All I wore and am wearing is one fleece. If I continue in this rate, next winter I'd be wearing just my T shirt and slowly as the decade ends I might end up behind bars for public nuisance coz I walked nude in winter :-)

The thunderstorm just brought me great memories of fun I had back in India. Dad 'ordering' not to go out, while mom 'requests' me not to play out, while I and my buddies end up riding to the other end of the city just to have some fun in the beach - most importantly flying kites and eating ice cream.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, February 06, 2008


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