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Some questions

Is someone a bad person if he is not there to shoulder the tears of a fellow friend?
Does it make a person a coward, if he hasn't stood up in his life for a self benefiting situation, coz he thought it would hurt others?
Is it really wrong for a person to be selfless?
Why is it, that even at the thickest of the situations, a person hopes for the best in the future?
Should one believe in second chances?
Does a sacrifice make a person feel weak in this current world? and finally
Why does one rely on hope for the best, when he already knows its the thats going to happen?

Sometimes, I don't know the answers for the questions am never prepared for and I don't know why I chase to find the worst answer. I just wanted to lead a simple life, but I ruined my chances for leading that life. I can never be confident again in my life and I can never be the winner I believed in..... (Just a self realization and so no worries. Am all fine and ready to curve my lips at what I have and what I can never have)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Dei enna aachu? Y this non stop ranting? talk me!

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