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(Bad) Well (Start) begun (is) is (full) half (dead) done!!

Everyone has one of these days. ‘Today’ comes in my top notches of the worst days list. I was dreaming as if I am swimming in this spring with fall colors blanketing the water by reflection. All of a sudden I hear my name called softly. Hari…. Hari…… I think it’s someone above me, over my head and then it slowly evanescenced to darkness. Yet i heard my name being called. My eyes opened hesitantly and looked at this face, a face which I knew very well. It was my roommate Harish, definitely above my head. He was calling my name as if I am his wife whose gonna kill him for some mistake he had done against her. I realized that I am supposed to drop him in the airport and come back with the rented car.
Considering the fact that my job is to just drop him in the airport I decided not to change my dress from my Bermudas and the old T shirt. Carried the luggage downstairs and opened the door. Woosh!!!... Brrr…. Its freezing cold. Ran to the car and sat in. To our misery the glass was filled with ice (thanks to the weather it was – 3oC yesterday night). Took 10 mins to clear the ice of the glass. In the mean time I turned the heater on in the car and to add on to our misery, the heater dint have much heat to heat the car. Instead the fan just made the interior colder than freezing point of water.
Fought 20 mins of the cold inside the car and we reached this railroad crossing. There was this train having two engines. My inner gut feeling told this is gonna be a long train. And yes it was long. We counted till 73 cargo boggies and Screech….. the train stopped blocking the road. Had to U turn our vehicle and call a couple of nocturnal friends who obviously were sleeping with their voice mail doing the job. Finally got hold of one guy and asked him the diverted route and the answer was take diversion take diversion take diversion. 30 mins for lift off and we reached the airport. Dropped him in valet parking, ran to the drivers seat to park the car. Came into the parking lot. Parked the car finally in a nook (it was 6 30 in the morning and it was full), stepped out of the car, banged the door and started to walk. Tring Tring….

Me: What happened Harish?
Harish: Everything’s fine here. U can go.
Me: have a safe journey buddy.
Harish: Thanks and hung up.

While keeping my cell in my pocket, my other hand reached the car door and pulled the lever. Aaaahhhhhhh! I locked myself out. Immediately there was this breeze which sent a chill in my spine (fear and cold together). Took 15 mins to get an airport authority to help me out. To my horror one of the back doors wasn’t locked. Cursed my inconsiderate mind and drove fast to the parking exit. Stop! In the name of parking law. Gave the parking ticket. The good ol’ man said. Sir, the computer has a problem. Can you wait a minute. To give him respect I kept the window open for more than 3 mins and that’s when my hands went numb coz of the cold. Finally he left me, drove 15 mph more than the speed limit, took a sharp turn went 6 miles and then did I realize that this is the other way of town. Cursed my anger, took a right from the main road and waited another couple of mins for the signal to turn green. Reached home, lay on my bed to take an hours sleep.
Being one of those nocturnal species and short time naps a day guy, I couldn’t sleep. Made the worst of my bed, got up, had my daily doze of frappuccino, checked my mail and took bath. To make the day worse, called the guys who are supposed to pick me up from the rental car place where I was supposed to return the car. Two guys numbers were wrong numbers, 3 ppl I called said they had work, 2 more backed off saying lame excuses. Got pissed really and decided to go to the lab. Came out and remembered that I kept my bike in the biomedical department. Aarrrggghhhhh!. Walked my way in the cold to the department. The only thing that made me happy while walking was the people whom I crossed were exuberating different emotions and the weather was just perfect to show their pain and sometimes their happiness.
Reached the lab, sent some faxes and went to the AFM lab. More anti Irish luck. George the incharge for the machine went for his lunch. Dude it’s ^%$&^ ing 11 30. Damn my luck. Came to my lab, did some more paperwork. Went upstairs to cool myself and noticed that all the Kentukcy Kernel newspapers were out. Took my index finger, made a gun out of it and shot myself thrice in my forehead. Came down, read a journal, got pissed on the results that they published (insane results and conclusion. Seemed like that they made it up) and finally decided to blog now. got to return the car today evening and walk back 4 miles, then need to go to gym for playing with a friend, come back home and do some house choirs. Pretty sure that Harish is gonna call me and gonna lambaste at me for not returning the car at 10. Got 12 more hours to survive before I go back to the dream where it all started.
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