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It’s not a job. It is The Job!

Being away from work sometimes suck big time. Being surfeited by my daily research I decided to take a nightly off yesterday. Went to the gym to stretch my left thigh thinking that it would loosen the fibers. To my Halloween horror it exacerbated the pain. Still being voracious about playing finally got a court to play for an hour. Thanks to Kirthi who waited long enough to get the court amidst the great crowd waiting to get a court. Came home, did my usual cooking (it was okra sambhar which eventually turned out to be okra dhal) and then came online. Chatted with a good friend for a while.

Here comes the part for the title of blog….. Watched the movie ‘Lucky number Slevin’. The movie was a guess job right from the beginning and in fact u can guess that the first scene has the clue for the concept of the movie. Nice direction anyway. The best part of the movie which I liked was at the end when the adopted son (acted by Josh Hartnett of pearl harbor) asks his pro killer dad Mr. Goodkat (Bruce Willis) how he knew about the death of Lucy Liu. Mr. Goodkat’s (Awesome way to keep a name) reply touched my heart. The reply was;

“I’m a World Class Assassin Fuck Head!!”

Mind my taste in language. The way Bruce said it was enthralling. It sent the way one has to cherish or love his job. Immediately the dialogue rang bells in my mind. There was this one another dialogue which changed the way I respect anyone’s job and it was from the movie ‘Collateral’. At the end when Tom (The worlds leading assassin) is shot by Jamie Fox, Tom puts this questionable look on his face and says;

“I was just doing my job.”

Then there was this icing on the cake when Tom narrates at the end – “Tomorrow morning more than 25 hundred people shall board this train and none shall note the dead. They shall just think that I am sleeping.”

The reason I am putting this blog is that those two dialogues by two assassin’s shows the dignity one has for his/her job. There is no job without proper dignity. So the next time I am watching a guy doing dishes or an old man taking the trash out, I am going to respect them. Still I remember what sir Benjamin Franklin once said, “Get a job you like the most so that you shall never work in your life again” How true!.... I wish people in the world remain happy with what they do…. Damn! I suck at this writing skill. I am trying to express my attitude to those two dialogues and Whew… I am digressing from it. Hope you guys understand what I am trying to say. Ok now lemme go and deal with the orkut replies and the two people who are online waiting for my reply….

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Thursday, November 02, 2006


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