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Three of a kind

And there I flipped the third card and that changed the smile in his face to a frown.... Naaaahhhhh!!!! Dint play any card game in the busy conference I have had so far. The three of a kind I am pointing out is about the people I met in the conference.
It was a memorable night for a newcomer like me into the world of Professional chemical engineering. It was the AICHE awards ceremony. I sat with all the other guys of my lab in a hall filled with around 2000 chairs. The chairs got slowly filled up people in suits. Thats when I noticed people of three kinds.
First - The delegates, the real pro's exubering with posh and confidence, greeting every person with a sense of technical knowledge. They were really having fun in meeting their ol' pals. Their body language was stiff, strong handshakes, belly show offs, hands moving while talking, faces showing all kinds of expressions, great eye contact, and of course the often so beautiful smirk with the funny attitude look.
Second - The listeners. The people who really came in to see their pals, mentors, thesis advisors, godfathers and technical idols get their awards for their achievements. They listened to the people with the ears and hearts open. They understood what people were explaining technically. They are the pioneers who believe in the field of chemical engineering and give their life for the profession so that others in the world can live not good but great.
Finally the Third - The lone standers who came there for watching the pros talk. But they weren't interested in their talks. They just were there coz either their advisor asked them to do so, or coz they had no clue what was goin on and finally coz they wanted to just look at these people.
The question now is what kind of a listener was I that day? I started as the third of a kind, turned immediately into the second of a kind when I saw Indians and other internationals got the awards and finally became a First of a kind when all the award recipients commented 'This award actually goes to all the students and post docs without which no research is truly possible'. I realized somthing I forgot for quite sometime coz of my frustration with my negative results.
I realized that I aint working for material gain or for my career.. I am working for humanity in general. It is not about what profit I get from my research but what happiness the future generation would get. I know am gettin too sentimental. But thats what motivates most true scientists. Do you think that Bill Gates is the no 1 in his profession. Nope. There are people who work in NASA whos names are not even known to the world. Its the satisfaction that they achieve in life in the name of humanity. I am goin to take my research serious from now on coz not my life but the lives of the future generation depends on my dedication to research...
Got great heights to achieve and am gonna achieve it not by the money nor laurels I have. But by the amount of friendly people I see in life.....
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Love this edition of yours. I am happy you have defined the purpose of your Ph.D and I am happy that it is a noble one. Keep up the good work da.


10:35 AM  

True.. I agree with you... Indeed we all need to contribute something to this amazing world.... Great going buddy.....

11:38 PM  

Good post...donno what else to say in reply to this post! Have been knowledge oriented all these days...but material gains do matter...thats wat am learning these days...nyways everyone is entitled to an opinion...keep it up...

4:06 PM  

well...that line is not the reason for the post...thats the exact reason i didnt want to post it...fear of misinterpretation...

10:14 AM  

@ Ramji and Kishore.. Thanks guyz and I shall make sure that you guyz would b proud of me in the future.
@ Viswajit - Material gains have a level in which happines exist. Am happy with a room filled with good people rather than a castle filled with platinum.... Anyway am not gonna live without money. But defenitely am gonna live with humanitarian mind... Take it easy bud

4:54 PM  

U r rite...but rite now one room is not enough in this world...i dont think that way...also do u think that u wud be satisfied with a single room after a PhD? (am taking it in the literal sense) but wat i mean is the more u achieve the more u seek...

5:44 PM  

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