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Involuntary characters!!

Have you ever wondered what involuntary actions or traits you had developed over a period of life. Am not talking about the traits like breathing, singing or humming etc. Am speaking something which is unique and specifically it's only in you. I've been jobless for the past 2 hours and was running some thoughts in my mind. Got some memories in which my friends commented on certain actions of mine. Ran all my actions and found some crazy stuff about myself.
1. When I step up over a curb from a road I don't just walk, I hop over it.
2. I keep my left leg as a force lever when I pull the spring doors and while doing it I move my left feet in a scoop action to avoid any hit with the door.
3. When I know the lyrics of a song entirely, I don't sing. Instead I whistle.
4. Whenever I go in an elevator which has a window to view outside I always watch something at the top and my eyes follow it the entire journey - be it up or downwards.
5. When I feel that someones calling at my back, I just don't turn I make a complete 360 degree turn, that too in a 3 step style.
6. When I ride my bike and if I see a pit or a bump on the road which I need to cross over, I try jumping over it by giving a heave to the handlebar.
7. When I play any game which requires stretching, I usually keep my left leg in the front to stretch and sometimes I even fall without worrying about any injuries.
8. Whenever I meet someone elderly on the way and if I wear a cap, I catch the tip of it to give them respect. (Thats a strange manner I had developed)
9. Whenever I think 'What the hell am I doing?' or 'What crap?' or 'That was silly' etc (I think you got the point of what am trying to mention) ,without my knowledge I use my right hand as a gun and point it at my forehead and shoot myself. If its real silly and if I feel real stupid I shoot myself multiple times.
10. The first thing I notice at outdoors is the sky.
11. If I see a mail when I open my mailbox to compose a mail to my guide (specifically), I check the mail and then I log off. Then I curse myself (shoot again) and then shall send the mail.
12. This one trait has been with me for the past 11 years. When I listen to class or someone talking and if I hold a pen, then I just rotate the pen with my fingers non stop. (This is one reason I stick on to my Beta Parker coz it doesn't leak like other refills)
13. As I had pointed out in an earlier blog I climb two stairs at the same time, and do the same when I climb down too. Its pure involuntary.

Thats all I can remember in 2 hours time. If I feel or find more, shall update you guys.
Think involuntary guys think involuntary
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Hmmmm cool things aaa... pretty interesting

7:39 PM  

I do 1 and 11...:))man..

nice read though/.

I composed a long comment to ur silence post..

but blogger decided that it should be better that I remain silent and disallowed it..rather would not log me on!!!!


exasperated. if looks could kill

1:40 PM  

@Hamsa... I can understand that 11 is a common trait. But if you do 1 that means am not the only crazy guy in this world. Nice to see that your having fun with simple things in life.

@K K the cool things are common in ur life too. The next time you do something odd, just think how odd it is. Its just fun...

3:18 PM  

When I wake up in the morning, I always open one eye only first - my left eye..:) I glimpse at the clock and when I finally get out of bed, I open two eyes..:))

I know that's silly..

11:02 AM  

@ Subha... Idhuku dhaan sight romba adika koodadhunu sollaradhu... :))

11:06 AM  

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