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Who am I?

Disclaimer: This blog might reveal most peoples comments on my life and the result of reading this blog is, u can either hate me completely or u can like me a lot. If it’s the latter plz proceed. If not just forget reading this blog.

It’s been two weeks since I had blogged. U might think that I had been busy with my life, with my birthday, with my research, with friends, with play, etc. U guessed wrong. I had been isolated from my usual routine life. And who isolated me? Of course 'I myself' did it.
And what was the result? Confusion... Just confusion.... I was thinking what kind of a person I am... Let me put my character as whole to this blog.
Since I am confused with my life am gonna put in bullets format (clear on that). All points start with the words ‘I am considered as a …’ and the Following sentence starts with the words ‘But lil did they know that….’ Hope u guys don’t get confused over my life.

If you had read till this point then I salute u. Now tell me what kind of a person am I? Am I worth being myself?? Or should I change myself so that I can fit this competitive world??

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Sunday, December 03, 2006


Add the following to the bottom of that never ending list:

" Most people think.. I am a raving nerd who works 23 hours in some science lab trying experiments and writing up reports to get a pHD on nanoscience"

"but lil do they know that.. I am a jobless freak who writes 1000 line blogposts on non existent life problems, instead of enjoying stuff"

2:32 AM  

@ Abhi: Dude I apologise for the long post. But it was written over a period of two weeks. PS I wont accept that am jobless, yet 23 hours is a lil too much. Make it 25 hours.. :-) PS since u had reached the end of the post I guess ur work is going real busy.

1:37 PM  

well i certainly dont agree with abhilash.. Blogging is a passion and probably one doesnt know its value.. Its a way one can express your feelings and thoughts and whats wrong with it rather than spending hrs of watching TV or etc

9:54 PM  

@Kishore: Thanks K for the support. Abhi u need to rejuvenate ur blog. Its been dormant for a long time. What the hell happened?

5:08 PM  

Well, i certainly do support kishore and do not support abhilash. And man the length of the blog is something...appreciate that u had patience enough to write something this long...nother post on confusions...and i also like ur reply to abhilash

7:55 AM  

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