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Snaps! Click!!

You might be wondering what the hell made me to write snaps and click in the blog title. The thing that happened to me in the past 15 hours is all spooky. Spooky to the hilt, but still funny to the heart.
It all started like this. As soon as I had finished my last blog, was looking through my collection of photos so that I can take a print out of my buddy Nitin and present it for his Birthday. Hey buddy if you are reading this forget it. U looked bad in most pics. Just kidding. Got something else for ya. While doing so I saw this picture of a girl who was crying near the football stadium (must b happy tears coz we won against the Georgia dogs). I converted it to B & W and had put it in my orkut page with the title 'No more L'. Naaahhhh what u r thinkin is wrong! If you had read my previous blog then you won't ask what L was. L is not for love its for Loser. Hey guys come on, if its love I wont say no more L. I would say no way am giving up on love. Its an immortal feeling. Coming back to the blog, That snap had brought with it somewhat 30 scraps in orkut. That too from distant friends. I was happy on side coz so many ppl worried abt my love life (Ya!!! crap shit) and on the other side was sad coz I missed those guys.
Later got this call from my bro and he wanted me to call my mom immediately coz she was crying back in India. The reason my bro visited me yesterday after 2 months and he called my mom and said that I had lost more weight and that he couldn't sleep that night. So chweeeeeetttt of him is what you would expect me to say. I dont think so. Things are pretty different in our case. Had this 26 mins of heated arguement with mom. She was crying all the time, had to make her happy and also had to shout at her at the top of my voice so that she would forget my weight problem and would get angry on me. She looks pretty when she is angry than when shes crying... My roomies were real scared abt this. Sorry guys hope u understand. The only mistake I did was not sending my parents any of my pics. If I had done it reguarly she wouldn't have cried. She thought that the medical research study I underwent like 2 months ago had used steroids against me and thats y the drop in weight. Had to make things clear to her that I didn't take any medication. It was just a pain perception study in which I had to keep my hands in ice for a couple of mins. The culprit was 'not sending my parents a photo of myself'. Guys if I dont make it back to my research in jan end that means am under house arrest. To be precise under Mom arrest. After the heated arguement decided to have dinner (wasn't even hungry, but have no other choice but to gain some pounds before I return back to India).
After all the chilling out with roomies, decided to watch Final Destination 3. It was just like any other final desti movies except for onething. The death pattern was based on the snaps that the heroine took. Again it was snaps which confused me. At the end forgot one thing I promised a friend and was real mad on myself for making such a promise.
Woke up in the morning and the first thing I noticed in my room was a potrait of my parents big enough that even a farsighted man of spherical power would have noticed. Got real freaked out on how it came there. Then my right side of my brain gave me the snap of my bro keeping it in my house yesterday.
Completely freaked out, went to class and then to the lab. Got this mail from a friend in which there was this picture of a table having around 40 items (like eraser, pencil, staples, etc). The mail said it was a test of memory and so I had to see the pic only for 15 seconds. Answered this question of 'Name the objects you have seen on the table' Wrote like 32 items in 90 seconds. Pulled up the answer and presto thats a great score. The result: answer correctly 30 or more - you have a photographic memory (bull shit, I can't even remember my roomies name at times), you are very intelligent (Ya!! thats sarcastic), you like a song for its lyrics and not the music (Hey I dint make it up guys. I have no clue y this trait came in here) and it went on.... The only one thing I noticed was 'Your perception is beyond what a normal person would look at and your doubts are often to the core'. Now thats what I am talking abt. I do look at odd stuffs in movies and in ppl. The only other person I have met so far is my ESP friend Anand. Both look at the same stuff, start talking about the same stuff at the same place and at the same time. Now thats real freaky at times. We sing the same song, humm the same music and why not even have similar tastes. Now thats what I call true alter ego. Anyway after reading this mail, I started looking back into my work and I did have doubts to the core.
Watched some more usual snaps from the flickr page. Was sad coz had chances of taking some good ones yesterday, but had my camera at the department. Went to the AFM lab, analyzed all my previous snaps and tried to churn out some result out of crap images.
Hey I completely forgot. I watched this movie 'One hour photo' by Robin Williams. It was great and more coincidental was when my buddy Anand gave a philosophical note when I was worried about my research. He said 'A photograph is developed in a dark room to give color to the picture. Similarly God developes a person by keeping him in dark thereby shedding the light of true life in the near future' Though I was touched by the quote, I was freaking out coz too many snaps have happened in the mean time. Finally was looking thro my orkut page and noticed a great snap of my friend Abhisekh, who recently got engaged. He looked like an Indian politician with the Khaadi topi. Laughed my mind out of it. He is 25, a great person, a great man, a great lover, a great son, a great brother and above all a great buddy. I miss him a lot. Anyway a toast to Abhisekh..... May you quit smoking, may bhabhi beat you to misery and above all may you still remeber the buddies you left alone in Lexington.... :) Chow!
Time to go out and do some CLICKS......
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, November 08, 2006


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