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Silence answers a lot

Ever wondered how powerful silent words are... 'Silent words'? u must be thinking that am goin nuts. Guess again am in senses.. Actually better than what I used to be. These are some instances which I would like to share in which silence answered questions (some funny some really interesting)
1. Yesterday spoke on phone with my dad. He was mentioning about the schedule we are gonna have when I return to India. Being himself he had planned too many temples at the top of the list. I told him that I would be going here between temple visits, do this and do that, etc. He asked me, 'How the hell are you gonna do it? You will be tired when you return from Sabarimalai and Tirupathi' I replied, 'Dad you have no clue how much I have changed after coming here. I can do anything now a days. I don't run as if I pour hot water in my legs, I run as if I have Hydrochloric acid' He gave a smirk and went silent. I was waiting for some response and only after some time I realized that he was proud about the fact that I turned into a busy man and that I can manage life well. There was no words from me too. We both cherished the moment in silence for atleast a minute untill mom broke the silence asking my dad, 'Why are you smiling and not speaking a word?' That was a wonderful feeling. I was proud that I made my dad proud.

2. During my San Francisco trip: There was this pretty half American half Chinese lady. She was standing in Lex airport. I was watching her go through security check. Once it was done she went near the escalator and dint go in it. She waited for a while. I noticed her watching for someone. I saw her for a while. I too went for security check and cleared security check. Was wearing my shoes and other stuff and thats when I noticed tears in her eyes. Suddenly her eyes sparkled and I noticed a man waving to her. She waved and the waving stopped soon. Both froze and they spoke with their eyes. I wondered first why can't she just call her using her cell phone. But then realized some connections are beyond technology.

3. Going way back to my first sem in USA. Went to Qdoba for the first time. Never have I gone to eat outside in 2 months. Went and saw this line in front of me. As the line moved I noticed that the mexican lady asked the customer questions like 'How are you doing, etc' When I went there she asked me, "What would you take?" I said Burrito - Chicken. After getting the Tortilla, she asked me "which of these do you want?" Thats when I realized, she din't ask the gentleman how he was. She was asking what he wanted. After all the hulchul I was finally happy and went to the counter. There the cashier asked, "To go or here?" Din't understand what he asked and remained silent. After a couple of seconds he understood why I was silent and he showed me in sign language what to go and here meant. I finally said here. Then once I got my glass for water I wondered where the hell is the water is and stood beside him and dint wanna disturb him coz he was lookin at the next customer. He saw me, and silently showed me the way to the drinks section with his eyes. That was real funny.

4. Going way back during my childhood. I was going with my parents and bro to a shopping mall. My bro saw this action figure which he considered as a demiGod. His face brightened and he turned to my mom. My mom gave him a stare and he instantly went gloom. No words guys. No words just looks. I was a kid but I did notice the difference in reaction. He bowed his head and was silent till he saw dad coming towards him. He never had the guts to face dad as dad was hard on him (actually dad was hard so that he can be great in life). Then dad came near him and stood in front of him. He was silent. My bro waited a while and then realized that dad purposefuly stood there. He lifted his head and looked at dad. Dad dint speak a word and just smiled. Even now I don't know how these two cat mouse personalities understood silence, that my bro instantly was back to full swing mood. Back home that evening my mom noticed the same action figure in my bro's hands. She din't question him but just turned towards my dad walking into the hall. She gave a tough look. Dad just smiled. It meant a lot to me. I was really little at that time. But such incidences doesnt need age to understand what actually happened.

5. Coming back to school: There was this day in which I was walking past a corridor and noticed that there was a group of students shouting about an ongoing fight. I went and peeped through the crowd. To my astonishment saw my best friends being involved in a feud with some fellow from another class. I went and fought with the guy and pushed him from my friend. Then he shouted at me, "He stole my stencils" I yelled back, "He is my friend. He wouldn't do it" and again we fought for a while. After a couple of beatings and poundings I realized that I was the only one fighting against the guy. I stopped and searched for my buddy. To my horror noticed my class teacher standing there. You know what would have happened after that. After all the punishment, I came out or the head masters room and found my buddy standing there. I went to him and asked, "Are you OK?" (I guess this was the first time I asked that question which I now often ask most friends) He din't reply. I asked him a couple of questions. But no answer. After like 5 mins of asking questions, I saw tears in his eyes. I asked him why he was crying. He din't say a word, just remained silent with his face watching the earth. I realized why he was silent and why he was crying. I sat on my knees looked at his eyes and had a questioned look. He then took the stencil from his pocket and showed it to me. I put my hands on his shoulder and then we walked for class. It was like 2 mins walk to class. That 2 mins we were just silent. But those 2 mins made us understand what we really were. That silence has remained in me till yesterday. We lost touch with each other as he had moved out of school. Yesterday I got a call from a person and guess what once he said his name I dint speak. Both were silent for a while. Some words are better kept silent.. Some words are.........
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