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Religion or Humanity?????

I went to bed around 3 in the morning today. But I din't sleep coz I was thinking about something. I had to make a decission. My birthday is around the corner next week and am pretty sure some friends might turn up. Unfortunately am in this Vrath in which am not supposed to eat any eggs. Being in a country infiltrated with low fat or fat free food and egg whites in every product you can see on the shelf, I guess I would need to ask someone to bake me an eggless cake. I did ask a good friend of mine about the recipe so that I can give it to my roomies. But while I went to bed I was thinking, is it necessary that I need to have an eggless cake for my birthday. I don't want my buddies to work for me just coz that I am in a Vrath. I've been toiling my mind for quiet a long time until I dozed off.

Dad used to say this often to me, "Religion is a way to pure your soul. Being in a world filled with science and technology miracles seem to be fake. But miracles do happen beyond the scope of human thought." Me being a lazy fellow have never read a single line from the Gita nor the Quran nor the Bible, but I know that all of the 3 preach just one thing in common - The fastest way to reach God is to see Him in others, in people, make them happy and that does purify your soul. So I was having two things in my hands. My Vrath on one hand and the fact that no eggs or beatings from friends. On the other hand happiness of friends and people who would love seeing me getting pounded (Ya its true... People are waiting). Most of them are gonna leave after this sem and am gonna see them come up in life. But will I be able to meet them the same way I do now down the road, say 10 years in the future???
I was very much confused, that I finally decided to ask the question to Him. I wrote 'Happiness' in a chit of paper and 'Worship' in another. Folded them equivalently and kept it in front of Him. I had ensured that I din't know which one was which. Took a paper after my usal prayer and found that He wanted me to follow my conscience - So I chose to have eggs only on that day, that too only for that one moment in which I can see happiness in the eyes of my good friends.
I am gonna regret this decission of mine coz now everyone have a chance to kick the life out of me. If it was last year it would be different coz was a pachyderm. Now am not sure how am gonna handle this. What goes good, goes good.......
Todays update: My flickr account is full for the month, that means I dint upload all my pics implying lesser comments from the people who look into it. I thought of postin all my best pics and go for the Indian photographers group. But now I need to wait for a couple of weeks to be enrolled as a member of Indian photographers.
Had another dilemma while uploading pics in orkut, not with which one to put but to remove which pic. I had this two pics, one my parents and other of Jawans. Though my pick was to remove the parents pic, somehow the Satan in me removed the Jawan pic too. I was so filled with guilt that kept no pics in orkut. But kept a link in which people can access my pics. I am pretty much upset on what I have done now. I wonder what makes fellow Indians born in our mother land turn against the country if I feel so much guilt for just deleting a picture whereas they try to delete the whole concept of Indianism........
PS this blog doesnt ask my friends to do what I like. It's a reminder that I am fine with anything that they do as long as it doesnt harm others and not me........
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, November 22, 2006


There is a very fine line separating religion and humanity. Religion in its proper manner preaches humanity is a sort of off spring of religion...And to reach god u can choose either one of them...but make sure when we choose religion we need to be properly guided...else it leads to...

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muwahahahaa...inikki dingi danaal thaan di...labla velai irukku, aanalum naan aajar...nice read again..standing applause for the halkf century buddy..


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