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Shoot your wishes

The practice of wishing something once you see a shooting star actually originated from 44 BC, where the star was represented as the blessing of Julius Caesar itself on his pagan empire. Well 20 centuries later, we still have that practice.

When I was 7 years old, one of my uncles asked me a question when we were traveling to Chennai in a train for his son’s marriage. He asked me, ‘What if God came to you and gave you one wish? What would you wish for?’ After heavy thought, I replied, ‘Oh God! I wish that everything I wish happens to me’ Immediately he said, ‘except that one wish’ ‘Okay. I wish that You grant me a thousand wishes’ and the game kept on going.

17 years have passed, and even now I believe in wishing after a shooting star. Today, I jogged all the way from my apartment to the Virginia Bridge, just to see the meteor shower predicted to awe astronomers at 0140 hrs. While I waited to see the majesty of the surrounding sky, I had thoughts of wishes I can ask for while they fall. Now with hopes of expecting a beautiful sky shower, I slanted my neck to the midnight sky and waited for 20 long minutes. As every minute turned out to be a closed curtain, I had this bad feeling of, ‘isn’t it showing up, just coz I’m gonna wish something big or is it light pollution that hinders our eyesight?’ Yes, it was silly for a guy who about a month ago, waited for a black cat to cross, walked under an open ladder, and stepped upon onion peels just to prove that superstitions are superstitious to a religious friend of mine.

With every second marching up to disappointment, I decided to ditch the plan and walk back home. If it was any other normal day, I’d be still standing not quitting on the showers. But today, the single fleece and the skull cap which hardly covered my ears, failed to luke me against the dry cold wind. As I jogged back home, checking every now and then at the starry sky, I felt something. Immediately I stopped instantaneously and looked at the sky. There a second later I saw a shooting star streaking across the light polluted sky. There my heart wished, ‘I wish I never wished for the things I never should have wished for.’ If you are confused on what just happened, well I am also in the same situation. The next 2 minutes of jog to my apartment, all I asked myself was, ‘Where did that wish come from?’

Once I reached home, I remembered a verse from Fyodor’s Crime and Punishment on wishes. I don’t remember the exact verse, but in essence it’s something like, ‘wishes are the means by which we dream, and dreams are the means by which we set goals and goals are the means by which we work hard. And with the same hard work they stop knowing the feeling of dreams and eventually goals end in mere wishes’ why am I implying this? Well that’s what my current status is all about

The greatest winner in life is also the biggest loser. I don't have time to wish for good results in the lab and in life. All I need to do is work for whatever I set goals and I need to sacrifice a lot of habits just to win. Niv as you always say 'there's no realization in winning if you haven't lost anything' The usual knights salute for your wisdom.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, January 04, 2008


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