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The past few days have been extremely ‘occupied’. Watched a dozen movies of class. To name a few, King of California was sleek, Munich and Rescue Dawn was bloody, Hoodwinked was unbelievably exciting (just like the squirrel), Bucket List and Taare Zameen Par added to my Dr. Hollands Opus Classics, Dee was funny and impressive, revisited children movies Chota Jaadoogar, Anjali and Little Soldiers. Saying all this, I’ve still managed to stick on to my research and other work.

Has been a black week with almost all my close juniors departing for their careers. Extremely apprehensive with the sudden sap of people I am close with. But things worse than this: Pretty much Bad news all the time. Luckily the one good news that made me stay awake is ‘Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is going to visit UK on the March 23rd and 24th’ and am happy to receive the information first hand. Ah! The dual IT days of DBMS, sitting in his class and listening to him. James his TA was anyway the best’est’ of all faculty. How proud should I be, in saying that I was in his class.

Other than that life is pretty deranged and derailed with some nephew, brother and father crisis – all ending up pretty sick. I wish dad’s tractions clears up the question of ‘Is it again a disc slip or is it a tissue growth or is it a bone growth’ Googled a hell lot on his symptoms and I’m worried. Managed to write a crap called Sweet Kisses in less than two minutes. Updated my crazy daily blog with Furtively Funny and Swiper Viper. Controversies are starting to show up research and I’ve got no other option but to recheck my steps. I would say that this week has been the worst of the year so far.

Songs that topped the chart: Minnale Nee Vandhu from AR’s May Madam, Kadal Seidal Paavam from Mounam Pesiyadhe, Aazmaale from Taxi 9211, TZP title and Maa song, Sunday songs, Strings, Dave Mathews Band and Freedom by Tweleve Girls Band

Status: Either you walk in the rain to feel the drops quenching your fervent ambition or you walk in the rain to avoid drenching just your eyes. The difference I noticed in self – You look up in the former and down in the latter. Looking forward for a better week.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, January 11, 2008


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