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Post Doc Havoc

“In a world filled with intelligence and improvisation beyond imagination, there is always rules hindering the growth and simplicity of life”

I have no clue of what I just wrote and I don’t care a damn about it. What I experienced today was definitely the height of rules, hindering my life. One simple sample to be scanned with user friendly equipment (in another lab), fitted with 3 simple levers and it took me two hours to persuade a handful of post docs in allowing me to perform the necessary adjustment to get the desired result. I hate to admit this. But Indians who are masters of tweaking instruments to get the best out of a machine are also the most apprehensive when it comes to using an expensive instrument.

Fortunately after bearing two hours of sheer nonsense from so called expert post docs (to make things worse, I respect their age and hard work and couldn’t communicate my anger about their stupidity), somehow the equipment, though being a machine, understood my brink of temper break and shut downed automatically. The fun thing was in spite of following all the steps as mentioned in the manual, the post docs managed to piss the machine off. Shamefully, I say that the frogs in the well came out of each post doc and just to make my situation better I took their bait of taking the blame just to get the result of the terrible day.

Thanks to their, ‘I didn’t even touch the equipment. It was his sample and he used it’ attitude, I managed to grab a seat and use the equipment. A complete reboot, 2 minutes of manual brushing and presto, all I needed was a 5 x 5 cm area of parafilm to make the equipment start jingling. The results, though a little below my par, turned out to be as expected. And then came the fun part; ‘oh so it works fine now! See, I told you. It is an easy analysis’ (ended up showing my fury inside the lonesome elevator)

Off the havoc: Pretty much am pissed off with society. Why does society expect a reason for everything one does? You watch TZP or any God damn senti movie and expect a hero, a savior to enrich your life. But you see your fellow friend trying to bring some smiles of an unknown human (say even a waiter) and you question him ‘Why do you that? Do you know the waiter?’ Arggggghhhhh! For Pete’s sake. If I’d be knowing the waiter why the hell isn’t he sitting beside me having a friendly snack? Since I came this far in blurting my anger, here is exactly what that pissed me off to write about society.

With so much anger I had with the post docs, I decided to scramble back home and just spend the day baby sitting my nephew. At the busiest four way intersection of the University, there was this Oldsmobile car coughing for life. I watched the car the whole walk from two blocks till I crossed it and then decided to help the driver. With the help of yet another concerned stranger, we managed to push the car of the center of the intersection to a nearby dead lane. Thanks to the pile of friends who coincidentally noticed me, I was given a damn hard time for my actions. I could just continue on giving a zillion examples of the f***ed up society, but let me convey my message in a simple status.

Current Status: If by chance, the society decides to bury me, then bury me with my face down so that if you don’t like me or my actions, then you can kiss my ass.

As for now, I just chewed a bag of popcorn as my dinner and am gonna hit the floor. Need a reason for skipping dinner? I don’t have a f***en reason.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Hari, I think it's great that you helped push the car. It's a shame people have a hard time showing such simple kindness. Kudos to you!!! P.S. Popcorn for dinner sounds like a good one to me!

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