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The Last Question

After a heavy role of knighthood against the lab issues, I retired to my desk to read something enriching and thanks to you K, I got the link for The Last Question by Isaac Asimov. For those who don't know Dr. Asimov, he is the one who wrote the story of I Robot and he framed the three laws of robotics. Try reading the last question (a short story) even if you don't like science fiction. For a nerd like me who just put 5 hrs of my eyesight behind an optical microscope, guess the million stars in the galaxy was just analogous to the bulk spots of polymer films I just discovered in my samples.
As for Life - After effects of the break proved futile against work environment. Was impressed by Stephen Shapiro's concept on New Year Resolutions that can never fail and decided to continue with some good themes. Seriously I decided to drop all resolutions even before New Year started.
The first movie of 08 had been Tamil MA (Tamil) and man, how grateful am I watching this movie by chance. Though it was a movie on a sociopath, the dialogue delivery was goosebumpy. The best dialogue was when the hero mentions about the importance of Lies in life. Hats off to both Ram and Jeevan for their performances. I'm quite happy that the Indian film industry (at least the south) is doing great. Well it's time to go back to work. Need to sell my results to my proff just to push 'em into my paper so that I can send it to a higher rated journal.
Current Status: I started counting stars. I deliberately skipped the brightest star. But the millionth count confused me and guess what: I came back to the brightest star for reference.
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Thank you for referencing my website. Because you did, I found your page which referenced "The Last Question." Although I am a fan of Asimov, I never read this particular story. All I can say is, "Wow!"

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