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The Idiot Box was definitely idiotic

Huh…. Any time now. Should be in a minute. Any time now. (rolling over endlessly). Beep beep beep…. Finally. Finally pushing the alarm off, I sat up from my sleep and waited yet another two minutes for my cell phone alarm to start beeping. Rise and shine written all over the ear to ear smile, I got ready for work at 6 am. Rather startling my department janitors I decided to read a couple of papers at my house desk. 8 and hunger struck and I decided to hit the remote with my favorite cereals. Tell you the truth, the remote would definitely stay at the top of the ‘Inventions that keep you lazy and frustrated’ charts forever. For every bite of cereals, I changed on an average 20 channels of my 60 channel cable just to get a sneak peak of the things going in the television.

Half way on the third round of channel change, I realized that Discovery has been substituted with ‘The God Channel’. No offense Believers, why don’t you substitute E! or MTV for your beliefs. Kept on changing channels just to get some News channel and guess from the absence of any world News channel ‘The world is all good and healthy’. I don’t what you do when you don’t get to see your favorite channels, but I switched to good ol’ cartoon network and started watching ‘Winnie the Pooh’. Don’t laugh. Seriously I learnt a lot of science watching cartoons than I read from books.

Oh! How I wish advertisements came in a separate channel instead of interrupting at the brink of a climax (Still with Winnie :D). Slowly shifted gears to conventional channels and ended up watching FSN. I may be a sports freak, but an early morning sport definitely is not my style of information. Was impressed with the way James played for Cavaliers. As the cereal vanished in my bowl, I switched to my comp for cricinfo and wow about the Indian Aussie Test controversies. Thanks to youtube, ended up wasting 15 minutes of my early office day watching Indian Innovations, movie trailers and side links. Talking about movie trailers, Vantage point seems to be impressive. But still my head list on movies to watch would be Wall-e by Andrew Stanton.

Headed to business news and a standing applause to Altria Groups’ entrepreneurs. I expected the cigarette and alcohol companies to have a drop in the share price. What I thought was true. Marlboro reduced production by 30% two weeks before New Year. Still confused on what the hell I am talking about. Simple. Just walk to your office for the next one month and you shall notice clearly that not much people smoke outside, too many joggers and of course the gyms would be piled with people. New Year resolutions of reduced smoking, increased jogging, etc keeps the day different.

Finally started to the lab at 8:20 and thanks to the heap of mess my nephew created, while I baby sat coz my brothers fever for two days, I can’t locate my parker. A high time 72 F (after a century in winter), Denny’d iced tea on one hand (evidently I’ve shifted to tea instead of milkshake) and ‘Yeh Hai Meri Kahani’ during my walk proved the day to be enjoyed. My post doc in her words ‘Oh You set a new record. So early. 8:30’ made it clear that the lab missed me in the mornings. 3 hrs of non stop work gave an impressive start on my seriousness about research. And now minutes before lunch I took a time off to ramble about the day.

Current Status: It’s light everywhere in the mornings. I am blinded by memories and not by destiny.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, January 07, 2008


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