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Daddy Day Care

Blurred by the disability of normal sight, I saw a blue colored short man walking towards my bed. Yawning out of my energy bar 15 minute nap, I imagined, the real image of what my roomie represented in his formal shirt and trouser. After substantiating my imagination by wearing my glasses, I was happy to see my roomie finally getting ready for his career fair. I don’t know how long it had been that I saw him in formals (he is a strong person and is chasing his dream job), but today it felt great to see him in that attire.

After wearing his shoes, he started walking towards the main door into the rain dampened, dark clouded, definite pouring day. “Take my umbrella”, I cooed.
“Naaaaaaaaah! Its fine”, he replied modestly.
“It’s gonna rain today. Better take it for your interview”, I adviced.
“I have this rain coat” pointing to his water proof jacket “and its just a career fair. No interviews today”, he laughed out.
Even the cumulative voice I generated in the 90 minutes of Linkin Park concert, I attended yesterday, wouldn’t have matched the yell I gave him, “Don’t fool around! I don’t care if its just a fair or even a circus (huh?). I don’t want to see you drenched in any format (pointing to his trousers) and go around asking for job applications”
“The pants would still get wet if I use the umbrella”, trying to convince me.
“Get the damn Umbrella and get the hell out of my sight”, anger poured.
He took the umbrella and left smiling at me (as always. Never pisses him off).

After he left, I tried counting the number of incidents I’d been yelled at (other than my dad – that’s why the title: daddy day care) coz I was casual, or over confident or when I took chances. Fortunately (/unfortunately), my fingers never opened up from the locked fists (not even my mom. That’s strange). Poor guy (or a lucky friend), we ended up buying him suit for tomorrows interview and spent $200 overall on his purchases. Had a pre interview load up in PF Changs (spent $85 on that :O). I just hope he gets his job soon. With his birthday coming in April, I'm confused over spending a vacation during spring break.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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