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The ‘Year’ned Character

“Hari, please switch off the lights and shut the door when you are done”, once again the words dictated through my mind as I was about to shut the lab door. I blinked at the desiccator hood lights, and moved towards it and switched it off. As usual I walked around the work table and switched the weighing balance too. Then I wondered, “Why doesn’t any one else mind to switch off the weighing balance?”

As I walked in the flurries of flowing stars, I realized the statement that kept reeling in my mind as I was shutting the door. More than nine years it had been that I playfully did this trial of switching off lights and fan every time I left the class last back in school. Soon in years, it became a practice and eventually as a fun activity when I walked rounds in every floor of my under graduate three storied building and switched off the lights in every class room as I walked pass the corridor. Final year became a routine practice, when I even stretched with my clumsy hands through the windows of the analytical chemistry lab and switched off the lights. Strangely, now it has become an involuntary action instead of a responsible feeling. If someone asks, ‘What can you tell about yourself?’ I can say this for sure – “I turn off the lights every time I leave a room” (Does it sound funny? At least it does in a good way).

What was first a trial has become a temptation
What was first a temptation has become a habit
What was first a habit has become a trait
What was first a trait has become a character

Luckily in addition to this, I’d been having this odd quality which makes me unique from the rest of the world (as far as I know). From the first day of the millennium, I’d been making smiley faces out of years (been eight years now and it shall still continue) when I write dates. For example, the three zeroes of 2000, where represented as Center ‘0’ shown as a face while both the right and left ‘0’s had been drawn smaller than the center one and in touch with the center bigger face ‘0’ that they look like ears. And then 2001 turned to an ear studded dude, 2002 as a guy with a pencil in his ear etc. Fortunately for 2008 to 2110; I have no issue in continuing this style (unless I’m turned to plant fodder – isn’t it obvious?) But if I end up turning my very own lights, try dating my 'death on my gravestone' with a smiley.
(Finally I finish this simple blog – Whew!)
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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