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French Kiss

'Do I get a free kiss with it?' (she gave a confused, blank and shy smile while my friend laughed in shock staring at my face)

'At least on the cheek?' (there was a little hesitance in her face. But there was a thought going in the mind. My friend just smiled uncomfortably at the girl behind the counter)

'Just kidding. Thanks for the coffee' and I signed my receipt and walked away with my French Kiss Latte to the lounge with my friend.

'Daiii I thought you were joking. Naan nenachen (I thought) you won't do it. Never ever am I gonna challenge you or doubt your words' yelled in whispers my friend.
'Lux. Just gave it a shot. Kedacha kiss, illati miss (Either I get a kiss or I miss [nothing])' I replied back with a smile.

The rest of the stay in common grounds coffee shop was usual with some fun. Good news - I made sense to Lux that I wasn't flirting, but just making her job a little more fun filled. Bad news - I had to promise her that I won't order French Kiss anymore. That leaves me with only one other option that contains no form of chocolate - Honey Bear Latte ('Come on Honey! Gimme a free Bear hug' :D)

After spending a couple of more hours giggling over PJ's with some more friends, I came home and watched 'The air I breathe in' at 5 in the morning. Though I've been avoiding a lot of conceptual thoughts, this movie really put me in a state of assertion over my actions. Truly to say, I've been upto my words most of the time. But the few promises I've broken hadn't affected my destiny except... the one I am bordering on over a few months. Should I break a promise and lose character to win or should I accept defeat and still be a man of my words? Unusually I am leaving the choice to time. What else is unusual? My long silenced roommate finally came up and asked me a philosophical question, 'When do you lose hope?' For which I replied, 'How long would you keep hope?' Though our mutual thoughts went into the world for materialistic facts, both our hearts were stuck in the mud of issues. Both I and my roommate didn't know the answer for my question and both of us wanted to time travel into the future to see the moments that might change our lives. Till then we wait. Other than this, I just watched a dozen short films (Hugh, Le Nouveau, Ambush, The Goodbye place, Rock fish, Madagascar - Christmas Penguins, Replay, etc) and am all blank.
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hari, this is a great moment! I love hearing about your adventurous spirit...never never let anyone take that way from you. It's great. :-) P.S. I love Common Grounds!

1:52 PM  

Ur most welcome to have coffee with us Sami :-)

3:07 AM  

People should read this.

12:42 PM  

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