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You asked for it Sir!!!

Sometimes even those big time ‘Live America’ lovers would use their Desi circumstantial influence to get things worked around in the States. Fortunately today, the drabble I did in my bank was worth learnt. It’s been ages that I showed my red eyes to anyone in US. Unfortunately the bank manager got to witness the angry side of me. He asked for a battle, and I gave him one hell of a war. Thanks to the drama, I had to enact, I ended up saving $350. I was damn f***en pissed off, that I ended up popping my sweatshirt zipper in one pull and threw it hard on the ground. But there was something different about the way I felt my blood boiling. Even before I gave him an indication to be scared of what I might do, I ended up being self scared about my anger. I somehow had a control over the level of anger I can show off and at least for me, it’s something good.

Other than this, am extremely busy with lab work, and yet managing to go to Coffee Island with India-returned friends, watched my first basketball game in Rupp Arena (free tickets from my advisor), yelled at the top of my voice supporting my Univ (even though I wore the wrong shirt supporting the opponents), had a new muscle of my back getting pulled (as I jumped over a short wall), spending incredible amounts of time with roomies (not talking a word to them and yet learning a lot about myself), playing tic-tac-toe with some anonymous stranger (he/she marks her position on an electric switch box on the intersection of Virginia and Huguelet and we continue the game), and lesser and lesser music now a days. Getting real honest in accepting past simple mistakes with friends though it ends up derogating my image. Donated blood for the fourth time in the States and was happy to see a couple of my good Indian friends going to do the same (some blood donation campaigns do not require you to be in the States for three years to avoid malaria immunization. You can donate blood just like the way you did back in India). Trying to settle my brother finally and might go to New York soon. In short, a million changes happening in life, and strangely I don’t know what to do with these changes. It’s time to get back to my schedule. Adios….

The one song that somehow suits my mindset and my liking: Ironic by Alanis Morisette
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Wednesday, February 20, 2008


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