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Anti-Cupid 2 the rescue

What better ways can you celebrate Valentines Day rather than sharing your love to the many friends you know in your life! Of course, you’ve got be single before you even think of spending time with your friends than with your other half. With almost every other petal friend of my flower life’s been pulled out of my stem (Loves me/loves me not fashion) coz of the careers, futures, families, travels associated at this mid 20’s age, I decided not to leave the sole culprit my ‘loneliness’ ruin my most determined age of my life. The result: enormous self satisfaction. I managed to do experiments related to three of my projects, analyzed and smiled at the worst of the lot results. While work hours proved pretty jingling and dancy with the dedicated songs to undergrads and other colleagues (dedicated the coolest and the crappiest of songs that made every love filled heart to dance around), the after life of work hours proved enticing. Managed to pull in several broken hearts into an ensemble of fun-filled life, and was showered with their happiness all over the day.

Pretty much made enough acts of whims, that I ended up possessing 2 bouquets of red roses, half a dozen single roses (white ones this time), 3 personal valentine cards from friends, one lovely thank you card from my nephew, and a spammed inbox from 123greetings. The fun fact is I managed not to spend a single cent in return (fact - $17 billion profit is what the US govt had today last year). Had a quick free peek in Natasha’s Café where several lovebirds were fretted with the drama-piss off show (who knows if the waitress hitting on your hubby was a professional actor or not), walked south of campus to spend some quality time in singles night (my intention was just to have fun rather than getting hooked up to some girl).

The funniest or the most remarkable situations that happened were the ones when I advised my brother on what to do on Valentines Day (awkwardly true! He was my elder brother and I had to suggest him stuff. God help me from my family) and talked my mom into yelling at dad for not doing anything for her on Valentines Day. Dad just went to the level of sighing to me about ‘why he sent that first love letter to mom?’ Of course mom’s replies were pretty much a slap to men like me and dad (I was thinking, where the hell I came into the picture all of a sudden?) Several chat boxes ended with ‘May Cupid be away from you’ note instead of the usual over n out. The one thing I learnt from the Valentine week was many broken hearts rue this day to never show up. The one thing I made sure at the end of this day was the same broken hearts loved this day for what it carries in the air. Am I one of those Valentine saints? I don’t care coz I had fun.

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, February 15, 2008


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