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The Insomniac Compass

Energy revitalized from the laughter gathered from the jokes of eight friends at Dennys I left to Pennsylvania on a short notice at midnight. Though the work was just an hours’ job related to my brother, I decided to pitch in some moral support with my presence in the trip. For a guy who had driven almost 95% of the entire trips non stop in the States and nearly never been on the navigator’s seat in any of the long journeys, I was wacky.

While the going journey turned pretty important for the self estimation am undergoing, the coming journey was lunatic. Shooting scaling questions on my personality to my brother (whom I had to convince to come into friendly mindset instead of a brother), we spent nearly three hours analyzing my positives and negatives. Though his perspective had been based on the twenty odd years he has spent with me, he was dead right on my negatives. Thanks to the first ever friendly talk we had in years, I looked right into the mirror and found how rude my reflection had been.

From “Why me God?” to “What am I gonna do now?” to “Is this the right thing to do?” to “What I am doing is the right thing” to “What else can I do?” in years, now the only thing that keeps me an insomniac compass is “Is this what I’m really made of?” While the end pages of the mob phase turning good, the introduction pages of the self growth phase is turning out to be pretty intriguing. Thanks to the million estimation questions generated, we’d ended up two hours before the arrival time.

Everything went perfect in Pennsylvania. Instead of the post job drive being to be celebrative, it turned out to be very much emotional. The blaze of sacrifice was so intense that both of us ended up taking the punishment of hunger for a long time. There was complete silence even at Applebee’s where we finally pit stopped for a heavy meal. No music, no song, no talk, no jokes, nothing seemed to break our silence. As the saying goes ‘Time Heals’, I eventually ended up teaching my ‘just a fast driver and not a smart driver’ brother the tricks of safe and smart driving in a practical way instead of giving way for our emotions to ruin the rest of the trip.

While I’m very much determined on the chosen path I’d taken for my career oriented social life, the concept of time heals really throws doubtful stones on my decision wall. With the many spot on decisions worked to curve the lips of several souls, the thoughtful long sought decision on my futuristic life seems to attract questions into many foreheads. I wish the truth of time heals works magic on my favor on the many questions that am yet to be faced for sure.

The face of confusion: ‘I’ took several ‘snaps of myself’ over the trip (:o). That’s how awkward my thoughtful tongue was hooked in the trip. PS I learnt that navigation is not my style. Driving is the easiest work I can ever do in a trip.

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, February 18, 2008


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