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Yet Another Special Day

Yes! It is of course a special day in my life. It’s been nearly three years that I succumbed to the process of asking my friends for money to help my brother’s situation. Finally today, after all the hassles I’d gone through, after all the risks I managed to peek into, I deposited the last of the many grand debts into my University account. I’ve set up transactions to make sure that every friend of mine who helped me at the thickest of situations get their respective returns this coming Wednesday (thanks to the hold on the huge check, I need to wait till Wednesday). Though I thought, I’d be depending on my parents to clear his debt; I managed to pull out yet another part of my life not depending on my parents. To make things great, my brothers finally behaving like the elder one he is supposed to be, and is showing much interest and maturity in his forthcoming business venture. I’m quite confident that it is finally time for me to give him his much needed freedom to be financially strong.

Truly saying, if ‘Money comes today, goes tomorrow’ is a fact, then the vice versa is also very true. I’m proud of what I’ve done today. Though I should be exhaling a big relief sigh, I’d thank the situation I had over the three years, without which I would have never learnt the many arts of making money. I’d been legal in all these three years and that makes my life simple. For the first time, in a few months, I’ll be seriously seeing my entire monthly graduate paycheck to be used only for self reasons. I owe big time to all my friends who helped me out. Simple thanks would never fill the magnitude of the many helped hearts: seniors, juniors, colleagues, strangers (everyone’s been a friend).

Instead of keeping my feelings of relief and gratitude pour out into many words of exaggeration (at least that’s what most of the lovely friends think. How more humble can they become?), I’ll finish the post with one simple line

“I and my brother owe you guys till our grave. Thanks again”

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, February 15, 2008


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