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The Scariest Stare!!!

Remember the time when you do a naughty act in front of someone real important, that instead of shouting at your mischief, your mom gives you a cold stare. While my dad’s stare makes me laugh, my mom’s shake me go snuggle to my Snuggies. Instead of time traveling to the childish moment, I’ll just say that I had to give an awkward smile (and of course had a tint of fear trying to wet my pants on a cold day), to a lady on the road.

With my curb-side-skip-glide-walk gaining attention and fame among most of my friends (especially ladies), I was thinking of inventing a new style and with yesterdays icy weather giving the public prominent skating experiences, I decided to test some of my prototype walk glides. Thanks to the yellow hooded no-care-fun-filled-life kid, he aped my act and had a thud to his butt. While I scratched my head and apologized in lip sync muteness to the lady, I received a warm no problem nod from her (the chalega style). Smiling at the ‘back to my feet, yippee’ kid, I continued my amble, and as soon as I saw this chunk of glittering ice pushed to the side of the intersection, the uncontrolled naughty par of my life, gave it a huge ‘Bend it like Beckham’ kick. Thanks to the boots, splattered were the little shards of ice all over the road.

As the lady and her son approached the intersection where I was waiting for the walk signal to appear, the kid let go of his mom’s hands, ran towards another chunk and gave it a big kick. Noticing his 'New Balance' shoes my mind read ‘Ouch’ while my eyes noticed ‘mommy....’ from his about to cry eyes. I shifted my gaze at the lady and there I had the scariest stare!!!!! No apologies this time, just a “Come on Hari. Try the smile. Heeeeeee….. No not that one, idiot. The real one….. Heeeeeeeeee….. OK. Enough now. Shut your flash and keep your head down…. Hee heee heeee…. You’re a sitting duck…. He… There's the walk signal. Escaaapppeeeeeeeee……….” And off I ran to the other end. “Whew! That was close” As I raised my head to watch 'em again, I saw the stare. Strangely the mist of her breath seemed like fire.

Off the Stare: Yesterday night, I had to use the word ‘Ssuuwweeeettt!!!’ again as I walked out from my lab into the snow capped white peaceful ambience. The whole walk was lovely. I took the longest route to my apt enjoying the play on the fresh snow. Attended a birthday party and while returning got a call from my junior who wanted company to his lab and I gave one. In the interim for his arrival, I did sleighing behind the Univ Library with some sophomores. It was fun. After departing from his lab, as I entered the medical center zone, a Ford truck slid of the road and hit a nearby parked car. It was a heavy hit and I had to call 911. Thanks to the ‘If you call 911. You need to stay on the spot till the cop arrives’ concept, I managed to make an ice man (of course after the driver was taken to safety). As I came home late, my roomie asked about my whereabouts and instead of asking me, “What happened to the driver?” he asked me, “Why did you call the cops. Doesn’t he have a cell phone?” for which my other roomie said, “A. You know Hari. Social Welfare guy” My reaction – I never cared.

posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Tuesday, February 12, 2008


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