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Fun Packed Day

Ice storm warning – School closed at 2 pm, and the whole hectare of researchers absconded using the raining opportunity. “Is it somewhat closer to ‘day-after-tomorrow’?” kept me stuck to my lab coat. A long sheet of spacer plastic, a couple of lenses, duct tape and I built my very own telescope in the lab (trying to catch a glimpse of yesterdays lunar eclipse today). Luckily, I spent hours trying to find the focal point between the two lenses and finally I gave up on it as the sky went shadowing.

Was it Meryl Streep?, I don’t know, but somehow I brought myself sitting in front of my lab computer watching the ‘Joker of Batman’s *’ smile of Anna Hathway (is she in anyway related to ‘Jack Nicholson *’?) in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Soar to the stomach with her acting; I decided to pitch in at one more experiment waiting for the ‘silence before the storm’ to give way to at least a thunderous cooch.

Thirty minutes later, I lost all patience waiting for the storm to set in, and headed back home. With the ice rain forming a mirrored rink of sleet, I managed to extract fun out of every step. Did a dozen slingshot slides using the electric poles as my supports and thanks to one such stunt, a white Ford pulled over and a mid 40’s guy offered me a lift. Only later after rejecting the offer and having a small chit chat, I noticed that the car had an antenna at the back. He was a damn Cop checking whether I was lunatic or drunk.

Remember the days when you played water gun during your childhood? At home I revisited my childhood days playing water gun with my other roomie in the patio. I shot at least a gallon of water on cars, frozen trees, neighbor’s doors, a cool dog (grred back in a much cooler way), and of course my roomie. Then I got a call from my friend asking for some anti-skid company back home. Teaching where to walk on such sleek situations (always on the road and on the grass), I made up to Coopers, where I met a bunch of my friends. Ended up even savoring some Indian sweets. Yet again had a chance to have fun in the iced roads by accompanying my ‘slip and fall down’ scared junior to his lab.

On the way returning home, I purposefully took the ramp route and had fun sliding up the ramps (I tried to go uphill struggling to have a grip on the pavement). How true it is when they say, ‘Fortune favors the brave’ My ramp route blessed me, in offering help to four angels. The one similarity they had – All were very Very VEry VERy VERY beautiful. The only difference – one was a blond, the other blonder, the third blondest, and finally a blondestest (:D). Now this is what I call golden shooting stars at 1:30 in the morning. The rest of the night, clocked out watching Jodha Akbar with a bottle of non alcoholic wine (grape juice to be precise). At the end of the movie I was wondering where the hell did ‘In Lamhon ke Daaman Mein’ disappear in the movie.

Off the fun packed day: Errrr…. (Am using the word ‘Errrr’ a lot now a days), what other things do I care for, off the fun filled, blond blessed, water gun fought, cop questioned, brave skated, Nicholson laughed day???
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Friday, February 22, 2008


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