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One can never compare blankness

Earnings, risks, accidents, fear, guilt, favors, love, hatred, enjoyment, adventures, responsibilities, patriotism, acceptance, successes, failures, and much more are the sole factors that govern the way humans compare one person ‘from the rest’. Comparison, by far more is the greatest weakness humans have in selecting the character scale of a stranger. While life seems to go in the placid lake for most blah blah blah.....

“I am consumed by the blankness of a saintly void. The flame of silence keeps it brightly filled”

Off the comparison: blah.. blah... blah..... After years, I watched live cricket (alone) and thoroughly enjoyed the advertisements and the game. blah blah blah..... I walked all the way to the lab wearing my fleece (at 12 F), looking down at my feet, and yet managed to stay warm both on the surface and on the inside. Strangely saying, I feel as if I am at the start line of life again, and I wanna face the world again. PS. the quotes part of my blog had its three digits finally. Man, I've really become slow in generating new quotes
posted by Hariharasudhan Cd at Monday, February 11, 2008


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